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Our Score: 87/100

Trello is a free simple project management software that makes working on group projects as easy as using sticky notes on your whiteboard. Available on your phone, tablet, and desktop, Trello’s drag-and-drop interface and visual way of organizing your tasks make sure you always know what needs to get done and who’s working on it.

This application helps teams and individuals to stay organized and communicate on projects. Trello has a variety of work and personal uses including real estate management, software project management, school bulletin boards, lesson planning, and law office case management. It’s flexible enough to make sure you’re on top of all your important projects.

Trello Overview

Table of contents

Key Features

Trello - Board - List - Card
Trello – Board – List – Card

Trello is a project management software where tasks can be allocated to individual members or groups. The administrator can assign posts to created categories, for example, “daily”, “weekly”, “monthly”, or “as time allows”. Tasks may include things like “book flights”, “research insurance companies” or “update the contacts database”

When a particular task is opened, the user can read any descriptions provided, and add comments relating to the task. This allows the creator of the task to monitor its completion, and to interact with colleagues regarding a task’s progress. Think of it as an electronic version of an office noticeboard with post-it notes.

Features Availability
1. Project Planning & Scheduling
1.1. Setting priorities and deadlines
1.2. Resources & Workload Management
1.3. Support Agile Methodologies
1.4. Gantt Chart*
1.5. Project Templates
1.6. Intake / Request Forms
2. Task Management
2.1. Assigning tasks to team members
2.2. Attach files to the task
2.3. Comments on task
2.4. Custom status
2.5. Custom workflows*
2.6. Task dependencies*
2.7. Sub Task*
2.8. Progress Tracking / Status
2.9. Notifications
2.10. Time tracking*
3. Reporting
3.1. Status reports*
3.2. Risk Reports
3.3. Executive Reports
3.4. Resource Reports
4. Project Financial Management
4.1. Budgeting
4.2. Payments / Billing
4.3. Integration with Accounting Systems
5. Other Features
5.1. Document Management
5.2. Portfolio Management*
5.3. Mobile App

*Using Power-Ups

Trello Free Version Features

  • Unlimited boards, lists, cards, members, checklists, and attachments.
    A board represents a project. Boards are what you’ll use to organize and keep track of all your ideas and individual tasks that make up that project via “cards.” You or your teammates can add as many cards to a board as necessary, referred to as “lists.”
  • Attachment
    Attach files up to 10MB from your computer, or link any file from your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive.

Trello Business Class Features

  • Integration with an unlimited number of apps (via Power-Ups) such as Salesforce, Slack, Google Hangouts, Github and Evernote
  • File attachments up to 250 MB
  • Ability to add files, comments or emoji to a discussion, as well as tag specific members within a comment
  • Security features, such as the ability to restrict membership invitations, remove former employees from an account, set access to observer-only for clients or external team members, and control who can create private or public boards
  • Custom branding with board background and stickers
  • Various sorting options, such as by recently active members, most members or alphabetically
  • Ability to export team data with a single click
  • Notifications at any time from any device
  • Unlimited number of boards, lists, members, and attachments

Trello Integration

One unique feature of Trello is its Power-Ups. Power-Ups turn each board which connects Trello to services like Google Drive, Evernote, GitHub, SalesForce, 3T time tracking software, Planyway Calendar (with Gantt chart), and many more.

Trello Mobile App

Trello Mobile App
Trello Mobile App

Whether it’s managing a team, writing an epic screenplay, or just making a grocery list, Trello mobile app is your sidekick for getting things done and staying organized. With Trello you can:

  • Create boards to organize anything you’re working on.
  • Use them solo or invite coworkers, friends, and family to collaborate.
  • Customize workflows for different projects
  • Add checklists of “To-Dos” on cards
  • Assign tasks to yourself and coworkers
  • Comment on items with your friends
  • Attach files from Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Reply to comments from Android Wear
  • Display cards in a calendar view with the Calendar Power-Up
  • Work offline and boards will sync automatically when reconnected

Trello Apps on Google Play Trello Apps on App Store

User Experience

Trello is a free project management software with no limitations of users, boards, and tasks. The main difference of the free version and the paid version (named Trello Gold) is a limitation of Power-Ups that can be connected to each board. Here I will share my experience using a free version of Trello to manage my project.

One of the main reasons I use Trello is because of its support for various platforms which can be accessed using a web application, android application, and iOS application. And most recently, it can be integrated with Telegram and Slack, instant messaging applications that also available on various platforms.

Boards (Like a Project)

When open Trello, we will see a page that contains a list of Boards that we have created. Inside the Board, we can make a list like “To-Do”, “On-Progress”, “Under Review”, and “Done”. You can add your own List on the Board as you like. And inside the List, we can create a new Card. Then we can also invite people to the Board. So only certain people have access to the Board. The Board can be set public, private, or organization.

List & Card

In my opinion, the List and Card feature are also interesting. When I make a new board, by default the list that appears is To-Do, In-Progress, and Done. On the list, users can insert a card. Well, what’s the card for? Users can enter events, milestones, checklists, votes, file attachments, and so on. The picture above is one example of a board containing contents of the existing card. And, users can use drag and drop to move the List or Card. In each card, users can set the due date and invite more than one person to the card.

Customer Service & Support

Trello’s knowledge base includes articles categorized by topic. In addition, users can access the Getting Started guide and Trello’s training webinar to learn more about Trello. The Trello community is another resource where users can get advice and ideas from other Trello users.

The Business Class plan includes priority email support with a response time within one business day. The Enterprise plan includes both priority email and priority phone support with quicker response time (less than one business day).


Trello Pricing
Trello Pricing

Trello has three pricing options — Free, Business Class, and Enterprise. Prices range between $0 and $9.99 per month (per user) on annual billing. The main differences between the plans include the size of file attachments allowed, the number of integrations available, and onboarding assistance.

Pros and Cons


In Trello, everything is already installed and set up. There is has no limitations of users, projects, and tasks even in their free version. Another good thing about Trello is the user interface that very visual and easy-to-use, and its support for various platforms. Furthermore, Trello can be integrated with various applications, but only limited to 1 integration in the free version.


Light on features. No real reporting tools. No Gantt charts, and time-tracking features. However, with Power-Ups, you can integrate Trello to other Gantt chart or Time Tracking Software.


Trello is the most intuitive project management software that available on the market. It’s suitable for you who are looking for simple project management software which is easy to use even for first-time users and lets you organize your team easily.

We also recommended Trello for you who are looking agile project management software and does not really need project reporting features. It’s suitable for both Scrum & Kanban methodologies, which allows you to work with sprints, backlogs, tasks in backlog, and their statuses. The main benefit of Trello is its ability to combine both classical and agile management in one solution.

And the last good thing about Trello is their free version with no limitations of users and boards (projects). So it also a good choice for you who are looking for simple free project management software and easy to use. But if you looking for free project management software with no limitations of users and project and have good reporting tools, We recommend you to choose Bitrix24 Project Management Software.

Trello Rating

Functionality 67/100
Flexibility 93/100
Usability 98/100
Pricing 90/100
Total Score 87/100

About Trello

Trello is a web-based project management application for managing projects and personal tasks. It has a variety of work and personal uses including real estate management, software project management, school bulletin boards, lesson planning, accounting, web design, gaming, and law office case management.

Trello was released at a TechCrunch event by Fog Creek founder Joel Spolsky in 2011. In 2015, Trello launched third-party integrations with tools such as Slack, GitHub, and Salesforce for its paying users. In 2016, Trello opened this platform to additional developers with the launch of its “Power-Ups Platform” for developers wanting to integrate their services with Trello.

On January 9, 2017, Atlassian announced its intent to acquire Trello for $425 million. The transaction was made with $360 million in cash, while the remaining $65 million was made with shares and options. Trello had earlier sold 22% of its shares to other investors with the remaining majority held by founders Michael Pryor and Joel Spolsky at the time of acquisition. In December 2018 Trello announced its acquisition of Butler, the company that developed a Power-Up for automating tasks within a Trello board.

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