Best Trello Alternatives in 2019

Trello is widely known as free project management software that provides the easiest way to manage projects through Kanban boards. It makes working on group projects as easy as using sticky notes on your whiteboard.

Board, Card, and List are the three main building blocks in Trello. A “Board” represents a project, “Card” represent tasks, and a “List” is like task groups. You can imagine that Trello as an electronic version of an office noticeboard with post-it notes.

Why Look for Trello Alternatives?

Basically, Trello is only simple project management software that helps you and team to collaborate on projects. With Trello, you can create projects and tasks, set due date, add assignees, add file attachments, and comment directly on tasks.

If you are looking for other functions such as a time-tracking, workflow automation, tasks dependencies, Gantt Chart, etc, you need to add additional plugins (called Power-Ups) to Trello’s board. And for those Power-Ups, maybe you have to spend more.

Furthermore, based on my experience using Trello, there are no Power-Ups that can provide resources reports. So for that reason, we summarize the best Trello alternatives to helps you find the right tools to fit your needs.

Software Score Price
Best Trello Alternatives Overall
Wrike 92/100 ± $0 – $24.8/user/month
ClickUp 90/100 ± $0 – $8.99/user/month
Freedcamp 89/100 ± $0 – $16.99/user/month
Jira 88/100 ± $7 – $10/user/month
MeisterTask 88/100 ± $0 – $20.75/user/month
Asana 84/100 ± $0 – $19.99/user/month
Basecamp 81/100 $99.99/month
Best Free Trello Alternatives
Free Version of ClickUp 100/100 $0
Free Version of Bitrix24 95/100 $0
Free Version of Freedcamp 90/100 $0

Best Trello Alternatives Overall

When we started looking for Trello alternatives, there were a lot of options out there. But we are looking for solutions that offer more functions and are flexible enough to be customized. In addition, the software must be quite easy to use.

Another important thing that we consider in choosing the best Trello alternatives is the prices. The price plans offered must have a range that is not much different from Trello, even cheaper. Below is a list of the best Trello alternatives chosen by our reviewer team.

Wrike (Our Score: 92/100)

Wrike Task Management
Task Management in Wrike

Wrike is the most advanced project management software solution compared to other Trello alternatives. Also, its features are flexible enough to manage various types of projects.

Actually, Trello can’t be compared to Wrike because there is a big gap between the two. Trello is a Kanban solution that only provides basic features for managing projects. While Wrike is designed for managing complex projects, especially around the typical marketing workflow.

In addition, the main advantage of Wrike as a Trello alternative is its real-time collaboration feature. Thus, whenever your teammate adds a new comment, completes a task or adjusts the schedule on the Timeline, you see that change without the need to refresh the page.

There is also Wrike’s LIVE Editor that bringing real-time collaborative text-editing right into your workspace. With this feature, you can make changes to the project or task description together with your colleagues at the same time.

In conclusion, Wrike is the best of Trello alternatives. It’s suitable for you who are looking for project management software that easies to use and flexible enough to fit your business needs.


Wrike has five pricing options — Free, Professional, Business, Marketers, and Enterprise. Prices range between $0 and $24.80 per month (per user) and are billed annually. However, for Marketers and Enterprise plan, users need to contacts Wrike teams for a custom quote.

Wrike vs Trello

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ClickUp (Our Score: 90/100)

Task Management in ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management platform that is a relative newcomer to the market. However, it more than just task management, there are notes, reminders, goals, calendar, scheduling, and even an inbox. In addition, this platform also fully customizable. So every type of team can use this platform to plan, organize, and collaborate on projects.

There are also 4 different view options to display tasks. Firstly, “Box View” to help you easily see who is overloaded and who needs more tasks. Secondly, “Me View” to see your personal tasks. Thirdly, “Board View” that also called Kanban style. Fourthly, and the last, “List View” to help you get a high-level overview of all tasks across your Workplace.

The best thing about ClickUp is their free plan that can be used by unlimited users. Its limitations include the number of using certain features such as Custom Fields, Goals, Portfolios, etc. Also, ClickUp doesn’t allow its users to use a Gantt Chart view on the free plan.

In conclusion, ClickUp is more feature-rich than Trello. Furthermore, like Wrike, task management in ClickUp is also displayed in real-time. So that team collaboration and communication about tasks are faster and easier.


Besides the free plan, ClickUp offers one paid plan for unlimited use of available features. This plan is offered for $5 per user per month when billed annually. And $8.99 per user per month when billed monthly.

Trello vs ClickUp

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Freedcamp (Our Score: 89/100)

Freedcamp Dashboard

Freedcamp is one of free alternative to Trello that gives more options for displaying tasks. Its options including a Task List, Sticky Notes, and Gantt Chart view.

It is a complete suite of project management tools. Its features include tasks management, documents/files management, discussion, invoicing, and reporting. Another good thing about this software is the ability to integrate with many other apps, whether in the paid plan or free plan.

In addition, Freedcamp has Issue Tracker that provides a clear and centralized overview for requests and their current state. Thus, you can keep track of issues through their entire lifecycle using Freedcamp.

So in conclusion, Freedcamp is more feature-rich than Trello. However, in certain features, Trello has more flexibility than Freedcamp. For example, tasks in Trello can be assigned to more than one project members, while Freedcamp doesn’t allow it. Also, Freedcamp only has 3 task statuses which can’t be customized: No Progress, In Progress, and Completed.


Freedcamp has five plans — Free, Minimalist, Freelancer, Business, and Enterprise. The paid plans range between $1.49 to $16.99 per month (per user). The main differences between the plans include the available integrations, customer support response time, and more available features.

Freedcamp vs Trello

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Jira (Our Score: 88/100)

Jira Board
Jira Board

Jira is a project management software from Atlassian that has been around for a while. Since it was first released in 2002, Atlassian made a lot of improvisation at Jira. So that until now, Jira remains one of the most feature-rich project management software.

Both Jira and Trello, the two are widely used by agile teams. However, Trello is best used as a Kanban solution, while Jira has the ability to supports Scrum, Kanban, a hybrid model or another unique workflow.

When you’re looking for powerful, self-hosted project management—especially for software development—JIRA is hard to beat. With its ancestry in development, JIRA is ideal for software developers.

However, any department can also use Jira’s project management capabilities effectively. It’s great for any team that needs to collaborate and work through issues in an orderly manner.


Jira Software has two pricing options for its cloud-hosted services. Prices depend on the maximum number of users. There’s a plan that’s a $10 monthly flat fee for teams with up to 10 users, and another that costs $7 per month (per user) for teams with 11 to 100 users.

Trello vs Jira

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MeisterTask (Our Score: 88/100)

MeisterTask Kanban Board
MeisterTask Kanban Board

Meistertask is a project management tools with a Kanban-style board that is very similar to Trello. Although, Meistertask is more feature-rich than Trello, especially on its reporting feature.

Statistics & Reports are the main advantages of Meistertask from Trello. It is divided into three areas, including Performance, Time Tracking, and Reports.

Furthermore, there are some differences between Meistertask and Trello on their task management tools. One of the fundamental differences, in Trello, users can assign Task to more than one project members, while MeisterTask doesn’t allow it.

In conclusion, Trello and Meistertask are the most intuitive project management software available on the market. It’s suitable for you who are looking for simple project management software which is easy to use even for first-time users and lets you organize your team and projects easily.

However, as mentioned above, if you need reporting features such as project statuses and resources reports, we recommended you to choose Meistertask.


MeisterTask offers a free option and three paid plans, including Pro ($8.25/user/month), Business ($20.75/user/month), and Enterprise (customized). The main differences between the offered plans include available features, security restrictions, custom security view, and customer support services.

MeisterTask vs Trello

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Asana (Our Score: 84/100)

Tasks Management in Asana
Tasks Management in Asana

Asana is a project management software that helps peoples organize, track, and manage their work. In Asana, you can visualize projects as a list or board, as well as on a calendar or Timeline. Also, you are able to see how all your projects are progressing in real-time with Portfolios, so you can proactively address risks and report updates to stakeholders.

In addition, Asana provides agile management tools your team needs including Bug tracking, Sprint planning, Product feedback, Product launches, Product roadmap, and Work requests. Thus, this platform can also be a good Trello alternative for software developer teams.

Overall, this platform is suitable for different project types such as marketing project, product launch, software development, and many more. It also a good choice for you who are looking for free project management software which the number of projects and tasks are not limited.

In conclusion, the functionality offered by Asana is better than Trello. However, in certain features, Trello has more flexibility than Asana. For example, tasks in Trello can be assigned to more than one project members, while Asana doesn’t allow it. Furthermore, Trello allows users to attach a file to the comments on task, while Asana doesn’t.

Trello vs Asana

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Basecamp (Our Score: 81/100)


Basecamp and Trello are have been around for a while. Both of them come with a simple method to helps people organize their projects. However, there are some differences between the two, especially on their pricing plan and how to display tasks.

Trello is well known as free project management software that provides the easiest way to manage projects through Kanban boards. Whereas Basecamp is known as paid project management software with real-time collaboration tools and an easy way to manage projects through to-do-lists.

Overall, the features offered by Basecamp and Trello are fairly simple. However, Basecamp collaboration tools are more powerful than Trello. In Basecamp, there is a real-time group chat (Campfires) and direct messaging with anyone on the same Basecamp account. Its features allow you to mention people, attach files, quotes, add sounds, video, and emoji to your messages.

However, Basecamp also has some criticisms of it as well. For instance, task management still has a lot to be improved. There is no way to make a task-dependent upon another in Basecamp.

Regarding ease of use, Basecamp has intuitive features and very easy to use. Because like Trello, the features are quite simple and doesn’t require a lot of configuration to start to organize the projects and tasks.


Basecamp’s pricing is about the standard in the industry for businesses with teams of ten or more users. It offered for $99 per month for unlimited users and unlimited projects. The price includes every Basecamp feature and 500 GB of file storage. There is no minimum contract agreement.

Basecamp vs Trello

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Best Free Trello Alternatives

Trello is one of the most popular free project management software that doesn’t limit the number of users. The only limitation that Trello does is 1 use of Power-Up for each Board.

In this section, we summarize several Trello alternatives which are totally free for use. In addition, those alternatives are more feature-rich than Trello.

Free Version of ClickUp (Our Score: 100/100)

ClickUp is the best free project management software chosen by our reviewer team. Because of this platform provides almost all features required in project management activities even in its free plan.

Its features including task management, time tracking, screen capture tool, even reporting. For me, the screen capture tool with an image editor is the most amazing feature. Because besides its functionality, those feature is totally free to use.

However, the free plan certainly has limits on the use of available features. Its limitations include the number of using certain features such as Custom Fields, Goals, Portfolios, etc.

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Free Version of Bitrix24 (Our Score: 95/100)

Bitrix24 is the second best free Trello alternatives. Because this platform provides a complete suite of project management tools. Most importantly, the platform allows up to 12 users to collaborate. Its features include tasks management, reporting, and social collaboration tools. In addition, Bitrix24 is fully integrated with a CRM system that enabling you to keep a relationship with customers.

Projects and tasks in Bitrix24 come with Gantt charts and employee workload planning. Its let you allocate a specific number of hours and employees to a project. Furthermore, you can track time spent on each task.

Another interesting feature which can’t be found in other free Trello Alternatives is Report Wizard. It’s a report generator tool that can be customized as you want to fit your needs. For example, you can customize the column, filters, report period, and show a chart on the report.

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Free Version of Freedcamp (Our Score: 90/100)

Freedcamp is also one of the most popular free project management software in the world. Because it gives your team a better way to stay organized anytime and anywhere. Most importantly, this platform allows unlimited users to create unlimited projects and tasks.

Its core applications include tasks, milestones, calendar, time, files, wall, and discussions. In addition, Freedcamp provides an Open API and integration with Zapier. That’s mean you can connect Freedcamp with many other apps as you want. Thus, Freedcamp is the only one free Trello alternative that has great ability to integrate with other tools.

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