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Our Score: 95/100 provides an online booking solution allowing service companies to accept bookings through any online device 24/7. Accept bookings through your website, via Facebook or your mobile responsive booking site. It’s easy to use, yet customizable and flexible enough to fit your business or organization like a glove.

The system works for businesses and organizations of all sizes, from solopreneurs to enterprise operations. The system is modular, with a basic system providing all the necessary functionality to accept and manage bookings online. A range of custom features to tailors the system to user needs. Overview

Table of contents

Key Features offers a combination of site builder tools and scheduling software. You have the usual features found in appointment-related tools, such as the ability to accept online bookings, automated text message and email notifications, and payment processing.

Features Availability
1. Calendar / Scheduling
1.1. Schedule Staff
1.2. Blocking Times
1.3. Sync-2-way
2. Appointments / Services
2.1. Individual Appointment
2.2. Schedule Class, Group, or Event
2.3. Make a recurring appointment
2.4. Reschedule or Cancel Appointments
2.5. Set up appointment rules
2.6. Linking a service to Certain Staff
2.7. Additional Service / Add-Ons
2.8. Service Package
2.9. Email Reminder
2.10. SMS Reminder
3. Booking Page
3.1. Embed to business website
3.2. Login account for customers
3.3. Choosing Staff
3.4. Make a recurring appointment
3.5. Sync to calendar platform
4. Marketing
4.1. Gift Certificate
4.2. Discount coupons
4.3. Special Offers
(ex: Buy one get one)
4.4. Email Marketing
4.5. Membership / Subscriptions
5. Reporting
5.1. Appointments report
5.2. Customers report
5.3. Sales report
5.4. Staff report
6. Integration
6.1. Calendar Platform
6.2. Email Marketing Platform
6.3. Accounting Systems
6.4. Video meeting platform
6.5. Payment Systems
6.6. API

Online Booking Page Online Booking Page
Online Booking Page let you customize colors and logos for your booking page. It also lets you build an entire site around your booking page, choosing one of their many templates, and brand your booking page to give customers an excellent first impression.

When booking an appointment for the first time, customers are required to create a login account. The biggest drawbacks of the online booking page from is that the software does not allow customers to make a recurring appointment in one order. It’s not good for as Booking System for fitness classes as they said that some customers usually need a recurring appointment. Calendar

For those of you as a Business owner, gives a more flexibility to make a service, including scheduling appointments. To handle recurring appointment, allows you to create a pack of services with a particular number of sessions in it. For example to offer a monthly pack of 4 sessions each Monday. also let you connect a service to certain service providers (staff). If a service is not connected to any service provider, it means all of your service providers can provide it. When customers booking an appointment, and if a service has more than one service providers, customers are able to choose service providers as they want.

You can enable “fixed time works” that several start hours can be selected over the day. The minutes’ options can also be added in this settings. This means, for example, that service start times can be set as 10.00, 13.00 and 14.00. Or you can use “start hours” settings that can not be used with Fixed start hours settings. When Start hour settings are used, then services can be booked on every hour from the selected start hour. This means that if your opening is for example from 8.00 and you set one service with start hour at 10.00, then this service can only be booked from 10 o’clock and will be bookable on every hour from 10 o’clock. also let you including service Add-ons and product for sale to your service. Or make a service only can be booked with buying a membership.

If you’re in the medical field (or you’re a business associate of an organization that must comply with HIPAA), you should know that Acuity Scheduling is secure enough for booking such appointments.

Coupons & Gift Cards lets you create and sell gift cards, and send coupons to your clients with the Coupons & Gift Cards custom feature. You can make % and fixed amount discounts and sell gift certificates. Use this feature to promote your business.

Reporting has many reports that can help you to track your business growth and metrics. Below is an important report that available for you:

  • Financial Reports – For these reports, you can choose certain time frames or opt for a specific date. With this reports, you are able to see paid and unpaid appointments, bookings total and payments total by date or by the service provider.
  • Detailed Report – List of all appointment that can be filtered by date, booking code, service, service provider, or by status.
  • Client Report – List of all clients that can be filtered by register date, service, service provider, or by name. For these report, you are able to send SMS or Email to all selected clients.
  • Payment Transactions – List of all payment transactions that have been made. You can filter these report by date, invoice number, invoice due date, or by status.
  • Membership Payment – List of all membership payment.

Payment System offers the most payment system options if compared with another booking app. With, you can accept payments from customers via Paypal, Stripe, Square, Authorize, CardConnect, Bitcoins, and many others.

Integrations can be integrated with many others apps include:

  • Google Platform – Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Google Calendar with 2-way sync.
  • Facebook
  • Gruveo – With SimplyBook and Gruveo, you can create video meetings easily.
  • Transaction Email – The system can send all sorts of automatic emails either through the domain or your own transactional email service using SMTP custom feature from
  • Websites – can be integrated with your own website by using an iframe. Or you can integrate with WordPress, Joomla, Site123, or you can use a booking button on your website.
  • Zapier – connects easily with Zapier allowing you to connect it to a huge selection of apps to automate tasks
  • API – You can use developer API from to create your own booking interface with varying design and functionality.

User Experience

I try with a free trial version that let me try all available features. And I found that has the most intuitive features. Each feature has a tooltip that contains a brief guide for helps me easily understand how to use this software.

As a customer, overall, provides online booking page with good design. But I have a little note about it, when I finished booking an appointment, I can’t find a button to sync the appointment to my Google Calendar. I must go to “My Booking” menu to add the existing schedule to my Google Calendar. This requires 1 more step than if the button to sync the schedule with Google Calendar/Outlook is placed on the invoice page which is the last step for making an appointment (like Appointy and Acuity booking page).

Customer Services and Support

Users can submit support request directly through email or by live chat. The help center page also contains a knowledge base and a search bar to find the specific information and support you need.

Pricing - Pricing
Pricing has a free subscription option and three paid plans: Basic ($9.90/month), Standard ($19.90/month), and Premium ($39.90/month). The main differences between the plans include the number of bookings and availability of custom features such as group bookings, multiple bookings, secure online payments, calendar sync, multiple location management, contact widget, and more.

Pros and Cons

Pros is one of the most flexible appointment scheduling software. It also gives marketers a feature to promote your business such as Coupons and Gift Certificates. Many options of payment systems to accept a payment from your customers.


As mentioned above, not let customers make a recurring appointment as they want. It only allows you as a business owner to create a pack of services with a particular number of sessions in it.


In our opinion, with the ability to create a pack of services with a particular number of sessions in it, is almost perfect as Appointment Scheduling Software for School or Universities. For example, you can create a course package for one semester with a certain teacher (service provider). For semester fees, you can create a membership for one semester (6 months), and your students must buy a membership to book a course package for one semester.

If your customers don’t need a flexible recurring appointment as they want, is also the best choice for you, because this is the one of the most flexible appointment scheduling software on the market. Rating

Functionality 94/100
Flexibility 99/100
Usability 97/100
Pricing 90/100
Total Score 95/100


Notando Iceland Ltd is the original company behind the appointment scheduling software. Notando Iceland was established in 2001 by Ingvar Gudmundsson. The company headquarters are now in Cyprus with 3 external offices, 2 in Ukraine and 1 in Iceland. started slowly, but in 2011 there was a breakthrough with some important strategic decisions concerning the name and registration process. was launched with a new name and simplified registration process. The underlying booking system was the same stable system which had been previously developed.

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