Best Scheduling Software – 2020 Overview and Pricing

The right scheduling software can save you time, reduce frustration and help you create better schedules. For example, to create employees shift planning, project scheduling, meetings, appointments, or something else.

There are multiple factors to consider when comparing systems, but the best scheduling software companies offer all the services and tools you need and fit your budget. Therefore in this article, we want to help you choose the right scheduling software that can meet your needs.

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Best Free Appointment Scheduling Software

Square Scheduling Software

Square Appointments in multiple devices
Square Appointments in multiple devices

Our reviewer team chooses Square Appointments and Booking App as the best free appointment scheduling software because it delivers the most scheduling, sales, and business management features in their free plan.

It’s a scheduling software application that makes it easy for your customers to make appointments. Because this platform allows your staff and clients to set their own appointments. In addition, there is also a point of sale and fast payments system. It’s all in one place.

However, the free version of Square Appointments is limited for only one user. But if you’re a Solopreneur, Square gives you every tool you need to manage your client schedule and grow your business, all in one streamlined, easy-to-manage package. And most importantly, for free.


The platform offers a full set of administrative tools, and your clients will find it very easy to use. Users also be able to embed this scheduling software into their own website.


If your clients live in a different time zone, this application doesn’t automatically adjust the time zone.

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Best Free Employee Scheduling Software


Findmyshift - The Best Free Employee Schedule Maker

Our reviewer team chooses Findmyshift as the best free employee scheduling software because it delivers all basic features that needed for employee scheduling. It allows you to create employee schedules, manage shift requests, communicate with the employees, and track the employees working hours.

The free plan is offered for small businesses with 5 employees or less. This plan includes basic features such as Drag & drop scheduling, Timesheets, Time clock, Email notifications, SMS notifications, Push notifications, and Shift reminders. However, it also has some limitations such as only 1 week forward planning and 1 week of historical data.

Although free, Findmyshift provides a mobile app designed to help employees and their managers check and update their shifts on the go. It enables employees to receive push notifications on their devices. So they stay informed about changes and upcoming shifts, and clock-in and out of shifts.

In addition, managers can also approve or reject shift requests, track employee locations as they clock-in/clock-out, approve or reject time-off requests, and moderate messages posted on the noticeboard.


Can be accessed from anywhere and is easy to use either for desktop or mobile app.


The linear display format is good but would be better if it could be displayed in multiple formats to see how the roster balances out over several months.

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Best Appointment Scheduling Software Overall Scheduling Software is the best Appointment Scheduling Software that allowing service companies to accept bookings through your website, via Facebook or your mobile responsive booking site. It’s easy to use, yet customizable and flexible enough to fit your business or organization like a glove.

With, you can customize colors and logos for your booking page. It also lets you build an entire site around your booking page, choosing one of their many templates. Also, brand your booking page to give customers an excellent first impression.

So can be said that offers a combination of site builder tools and online scheduling software. In this platform, you have the usual features found in appointment-related tools, such as the ability to create service packages, schedule classes, events, individual appointments, and payment processing.

In addition, you are able to include service Add-ons and product for sale to your service. Or make a service only can be booked with buying a membership.

Pricing has a free subscription option and three paid plans: Basic ($9.90/month), Standard ($19.90/month), and Premium ($39.90/month). The main differences between the plans include the number of bookings and availability of custom features such as group bookings, multiple bookings, calendar sync, multiple location management, and more.


This is one of the most flexible appointment scheduling software. It also gives marketers a feature to promote their business such as Coupons and Gift Certificates. In addition, there are several payment system options to accept payment from your customers.


This platform not let customers make a recurring appointment as they want. It only allows you as a business owner to create a pack of services with a particular number of sessions in it.


Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity is one of the best scheduling software for service-based businesses such as coaching and consulting, photography, fitness studios, salons, and many more. With this platform, you can specify appointment types and set pricing for each of them. Also, you can use add-ons to offer additional services.

In addition, Acuity let you create a coupon to give your clients holiday discounts and incentives. The coupons can be applied to a specific appointment type, a group of appointment types, or all appointment types. And clients are only able to use one coupon or package code during booking. They cannot combine or stack codes.

Like, there is also an online booking page that enables your customers to see your calendar availability in real-time. Then self-select the appointment slot that works best for them. In addition, Acuity has auto-adjust for time zones that make clients easily cancel or reschedule themselves.

With more than 50,000 users, Acuity Scheduling becomes the one of the most popular online scheduling software. Multiple staff personnel can use this program at the same time and see each other’s schedule on the group calendar.


Acuity Scheduling offers one free plan, Freebie, and three paid subscription plans: Emerging ($15/month), Growing ($25/month), and Powerhouse ($50/month). The main differences between the plans are the number of calendars included, multiple time zones for user’s different staff/locations, custom API & CSS, and more.


This platform offers a complete suite of appointment scheduling and booking app. In addition, Acuity auto-adjusts for time zones that make clients easily cancel & reschedule themselves.


A few users said that there should be some more videos or guides showing you the different things that you can do with Acuity.

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10to8 Scheduling Software
10to8 Dashboard

Trusted by 40,000+ independent practitioners, tutors, coaches & small businesses, 10to8 is one of the most popular appointment scheduling software and booking app. It has the ability to sync 2-way with Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal.

In 10to8, you can decide when, how and what can be booked, with automatic or manual booking request approval. And your customers can book your free slots online. In addition, this platform allows you to take payments with Paypal or Stripe.

However, the online booking page does not allow your customers to create an account. So when your customers want to book an appointment again, they must fill out the customer’s profile. Thus, for those of you as a business owner, 2 appointments mean 2 different clients, even though both have the same profile.


10to8 has a free plan, Small Business, and four paid subscription options: Basic ($12/month), Grow ($25/month), Bigger Business ($50/month), and Enterprise (customized pricing). The main differences between the plans are the number of appointments per month and number of staff logins.


The best part of 10to8 Scheduling Software is the ability to sends SMS and emails so that clients confirm and remember their appointments. Another good thing about this software is a free option that really helpful for you while starting up a new business.


Customers can’t request to be added to a waitlist. No Mobile app.

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Best Online Meeting Scheduling Software


ezTalks - The Best Online Meeting Scheduling Software

Our reviewer team chooses ezTalks as the best online meetings scheduling software. Because this platform provides everything you needs to make an online meeting. Its features including video conferencing, web conferencing, scheduling online meetings, screen sharing, whiteboard, and live chat.

ezTalks offers 1920 * 1080p HD resolution, which provides awesome audio and video transmissions. However, it also offers other resolutions for you to choose one that will satisfy your requirements depending on your bandwidth and internet connection speed.

With screen sharing and whiteboard features, ezTalks is ideal for presentations. For example, the online whiteboard tool lets you draw up and brighten your unshaped ideas with pencil, highlighter, eraser, text, screen capture, etc. It makes interaction easier with more diverse and effective documents.

Most importantly, this software is capable of recording the whole meetings for you to check the details afterward. After the conference is completed, you just need to click the “Stop” button and the video is going to be saved to your computer automatically.


EzTalks has a number of options out there with prices that can accommodate any budget. Besides its free service, the Premium plan is only starting at $12.99, with more robust video conferencing features than the Free plan. In this way, ezTalks Meetings is highly cost-effective, which is beneficial to enterprises, especially for startups or small businesses.


One of the best things about this software is the ability to easily cloud recordings of a multi-person meeting on a free plan. EzTalks offers so many powerful features with relatively lower price.


The software does not support android pad so far.

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Best Meeting Scheduling Software


Doodle - The Best Meeting Scheduling Software

Our reviewer team chooses Doodle as the best meeting scheduling software for finding a date and time for many people to get together. It simplifies scheduling by offering solutions that allow saving time and effort required to find meeting schedules.

With Doodle, you can find a date for a meeting 2x faster by polling the participants and choosing the date with the most votes.

In addition to the web-based software, Doodle provides a mobile app that enables you to track your Doodle polls on the go and receive activity notifications. This app works seamlessly with all of your major devices.


Doodle offers one free plan and two paid plans, both requiring only a one-time fee. Its plans including Private ($39) and Business ($69). The main difference between the plans is the number of premium users. Private subscriptions can only accommodate one premium user, while Business plan holders can have up to 250 premium users.


In Doodle you are able to customize options for meeting times – the times can be different each day of the week. Also, if you wish to have some time slots longer or shorter than others, that is an option.

In addition, the poll automatically converts to the respondents time zones and you can receive a convenient notification to your email each time someone responds to the poll, making it easy to track responses.


The free version is fairly simple and does contain a lot of ads.

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Best Employee Scheduling Software

Deputy Software

Deputy Software - The Best Employee Scheduling Software
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Our reviewer team chooses Deputy Software as the best employee scheduling solution. It’s a cloud-based employee scheduling software that caters to businesses of all sizes across various industry verticals and provides them with employee management and scheduling functionalities.

Deputy Software is easy to use for both administrators and employees. Also, this platform has a comprehensive feature set for setting up your schedule and communicating with your staff. Its features including employees scheduling, auto-scheduling, time & attendance with biometric timeclock, task management, payroll system integration, and more.

In addition, there are Deputy’s mobile apps for iPhone and Android that give you full visibility of what’s going on in your workplace. With deputy mobile app you can check work schedules, communicate with colleagues, and see upcoming shifts & tasks. Also, employees can start & stop Shifts through the app.

With over 270,000 users, Deputy Software has grown to be a trusted and dependable second-in-command that effectively tackles matters in the workplace.


Deputy offers three paid plans: Starter, Premium, and Enterprise. Starter and Premium cost $2 and $3 per user per month, respectively. You need to contact the company’s sales team for the pricing of their Enterprise plan.

The main difference between plans is the availability of advanced features like automatic scheduling, configurable reporting and analytics, integration options, and more.


Deputy gives both the manager and the staff the flexibility to control their shifts and it gives the employees a sense of ownership – they are almost responsible for their own time management.

Another interesting thing about Deputy is that the platform is very affordable for small business. It also can be integrated with other systems related to workforce management, such as Gusto (payroll software), Quickbooks, Xero (accounting software), and many more.


The Android app doesn’t provide as many features as the iPhone app.

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Best Appointment Scheduling Software for Marketers



Our reviewer team chooses Appointy as the best appointment scheduling software and booking app for marketers. That’s because Appointy provides the most complete marketing tools for businesses.

With Appointy, you can schedule appointments, classes, workshops, events, tours, rides, and activities. There is also a simple online booking page that can be integrated seamlessly with your own website (including WordPress). So your clients are able to create appointments by themselves.

As a business owner, you are able to approve booking automatically or manually, change the price of each booking, add additional charges, and add a discount for each booking. Appointy also lets you add additional Add-ons that a customer can select with the service. Then linking service to resources such as rooms, tennis courts, massage chairs, lenses, etc.

In our opinion, with the ability to integrate with Google platforms such as Google search, Google Maps, and Reserve with Google website, Appointy is the best choice for service-based businesses that operate in the tourist attraction. Because as we know, tourists usually rely on Google to look for some places like spas, salons, fitness center, etc.


Appointy offers one free plan and three paid subscription plans, billed annually: Growth ($19.99/month), Professional ($49.99/month), and Enterprise ($79.99/month).

The main differences between the plans are the number of appointments per month, number of staff access, and other additional features, such as customization, online marketing tools, multiple location support, and more.


Overall, this online scheduling software is an intuitive platform with most of the features necessary for business scheduling systems.


Appointy doesn’t merge with Salesforce or accounting solutions, so you’ll have to handle payment information separately.

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Best Construction Scheduling Software



Our reviewer team chooses Buildertrend as the best construction scheduling software. It combines scheduling, project management, financial management, customer management and service management in a single suite.

Buildertrend is well-known as a construction management system for home builders, remodelers, specialty contractors and general contractors. This platform offers great integration from tracking purchase orders, maintains subcontractor communication, sharing progress through social media, and tracking warranty for the residential construction industry.

The most interesting thing about this software is its scheduling which can automatically shift when changes are entered into the system. Also, there are several options to display the project schedule. Its options including calendar, agenda, and Gantt chart.


Buildertrend pricing starts at $99 per month for one project, with no setup fees and with a 30-day money back guarantee. Their more detailed pricing structures aren’t readily available on the website, but they do specify that the more projects a user adds, the cheaper the monthly fee becomes.


This software has very many great features that are in demand by construction companies. It’s easy to learn and use. In Buildertrend, you are able to manage bids, leads, proposals before the project starts.


The pricing is very high and It starts from $99 per month only for 1 project. Some features can often be difficult to find or use but it is just a matter of playing around with the program to figure out how to use it.

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Best Project Scheduling Software


Teamgantt - The Best Project Scheduling Software

We choose TeamGantt as the best Gantt Chart software because it’s the easiest to use and rich on features. Its features include project planning, progress tracking, resource management, discussion, document management, and reporting.

With TeamGantt, scheduling project can be done directly through the Gantt view. There are drag and drop features for re-order task, change the task duration, or create a task dependency.

Furthermore, it has a different color between the planned timeline and the actual timeline. So users can compare the original timeline projection with the actual timeline of the project. Furthermore, the color of each bar can be adjusted to your liking.

In my opinion, TeamGantt is a simple and beautiful Gantt Chart software that allows you to store all project information in one place. This software strives to provide an intuitive and collaborative platform that gives users the ability to perform tasks without losing the big picture.

However, the main drawback of TeamGantt is this software does not let you create a custom workflow. Therefore, TeamGantt is not good enough for managing projects which has a complex workflow, like software development projects.


TeamGantt has three subscription plans: Free, Standard Team, and Advanced Team. Prices range between $7.9 and $12.45 per user/month. All subscription options are for a minimum of 5 users. The main differences between the plans include the number of Gantt Charts and the availability of other features.


The software helps you see all the processes in one place and you don’t have any uncovered one. Another good point is the ability to start projects intuitively without guidance from bots or any instructions.

Most importantly, this platform has the most features required by Gantt Chart Software such as drag and drop, custom color, task dependencies, and customizable views. Furthermore, you can use a mobile app to organize your projects and tasks on the go.


The task status and workflow can’t be customized.

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