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Our Score: 86/100

Ravetree is a cloud-based project management software that combines everything a project-driven company needs. Unlike competitors such as Jira and VersionOne, Ravetree is intended for use by a variety of professional service industries (marketing and advertising, management consulting, law firms, architecture, engineering, accounting) and includes tools for CRM and HRM as well as project management and agile development.

Ravetree Overview

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Key Features

Ravetree is a full-featured work management software platform used by agencies around the world. The platform includes Agile project management, capacity planning, time tracking, and customer relationship management (CRM). A full array of advanced features are offered including granular permissions roles, customizable notifications, automated alerts, project budgeting, custom fields, custom tables, powerful filtering, and much more.

Features Availability
1. Project Planning & Scheduling
1.1. Setting priorities and deadlines
1.2. Resources & Workload Management
1.3. Support Agile Methodologies
1.4. Gantt Chart
1.5. Project Templates
1.6. Intake / Request Forms
2. Task Management
2.1. Assigning tasks to team members
2.2. Attach files to the task
2.3. Comments on task
2.4. Custom status
2.5. Custom workflows
2.6. Task dependencies
2.7. Sub Task
2.8. Progress Tracking / Status
2.9. Notifications
2.10. Time tracking
3. Reporting
3.1. Status reports
3.2. Risk Reports
3.3. Executive Reports
3.4. Resource Reports
4. Project Financial Management
4.1. Budgeting
4.2. Payments / Billing
4.3. Purchase Orders
4.4. Integration with Accounting Systems
5. Other Features
5.1. Document Management
5.2. Portfolio Management
5.3. Mobile App

Project Management

Ravetree provides simple task managers that lets you manage every stage of your projects from planning to completion. This highly intuitive platform makes it a breeze to keep track of everything from basic to highly complex projects.

A full array of advanced features are offered including granular permissions roles, customizable notifications, automated alerts, project budgeting, custom fields, custom tables, powerful filtering, and much more.

Ravetree Project Management Features
Project Management Features

Stay informed with real-time activity feeds, notifications, @mentions, and project comment feeds. It also provides real-time information that compares estimated time vs. logged time for each project member that makes you know if your projects are on the budget.

It also provides request forms that allow your team and your customers to submit customizable requests for projects and work items. Every request form requires and approval workflow. You can choose from previously created approval workflows, or create a new one. Whenever someone submits a request form the people listed in the approval workflow are notified that a new request has been submitted. These reviewers have the opportunity to approve or reject the request.

Furthermore, teams can create their own workflows and operate as a Kanban or Scrum team. The drag and drop interface allows team members to easily see the big picture and move their work items through the team’s workflow. You can create custom workflows that fit the unique way your teams operate. With Ravetree you can have different teams contributing to the same project while following their own custom workflow.

Resource Planning

Ravetree provides a resource planning feature that helps you to answer the question, who has the capacity to do work? With Ravetree, you can easy to allocate resources and see each employees utilization. You can also specify the maximum utilization for each employee, allowing you to see their utilization percentage, in addition to allocated hours.

Ravetree Resource Planning Features
Resource Planning Features

It offers unparalleled flexibility when allocating resources and specifying billable rates. You can bill out a resource based on their Personal rate, Role rate, or at a Fixed rate for all project resources. It’s also possible to have multiple occurrences of a resource on the same project—each with a different work role and billable rate.

Employee’s capacity can be viewed in terms of allocated hours on projects or estimated hours from individual work items. Even company holidays and employee time off requests are conveniently displayed in one view.

Time Tracking

The powerful time tracking tools from Ravetree provide deep insight into exactly where you are spending your time. It gives you an understanding of how efficiently your team is working and translates the spent time into dollars saved for your business.

Ravetree time tracking features
Time Tracking Features

In addition to offering a timer, you can log time under different work roles for those occasions when you wear multiple hats. Each work role can have its own billable rate and you can easily select which role you are logging time against. Timers are a convenient way to keep track of every minute. On Ravetree, you can create as many timers as you need to get through the day. It’s easy to toggle between timers when you need to pivot to different tasks.

Ravetree also provides report generator that allows you to run reports against a variety of different parameters. Time log filters can be saved and recalled later. In addition to showing you logged hours, you can also see the billable rate, total cost and a summary of the currently displayed time logs. If you require further processing, then you can always export your reports to a .csv file.


The project management software from Ravetree is fully integrated with CRM tools that help you to keep track of client information and see how it is connected to your projects, work items, and more. On Ravetree, all of your important client data is consolidated in one place where it can be attached to other content and is easily found with our powerful search capabilities.

Ravetree CRM feature

In Ravetree, you can create and save powerful filters so you can easily find the exact accounts and contacts you’re looking for. You will quickly realize how useful this fully integrated work management solution is when you start to see the connections between your clients, projects, work items, files, and more.


Ravetree can integrate with several applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Evernote.

User Experience

I can’t try Ravetree because they did not provide a free trial version directly from their website. So we summarize the Ravetree user experience from the internet.

Overall, Ravetree has a pretty intuitive user experience. It allows users to easily find information, whether it’s project managers, executives, or team members. For example, Dinese B, a reviewer from G2 Crowd said that Ravetree is a nice easy visual way for him to know and keep up to date on his job.

It’s one of the best marketing project management software in the market. Brent B, a reviewer from Capterra said that Ravetree feels like the perfect blend of being universal enough for the masses and customized for the individual peculiarities of a mid-market full-service advertising agency of 35 people.

They are also constantly considering client feedback and will use that feedback constructively to shape their next updates. Julie D, a reviewer from G2 Crowd said that they like that they feel heard when they have ideas and have quick access to help when they have questions.

One of the bad thing about Ravetree is since it has so many capabilities, it can be a bit overwhelming to start with. It took users a while to understand where everything was. So, Courtney B, a reviewer from Capterra said that it’s really best to take it gradually, as you learn all the system can do.

Customer Service & Support

Ravetree has an online documentation page that provides an article about all the features that they have to offer. Customer support can be reached by phone, email, and support ticket. Ravetree also offers onsite and custom user training sessions.


Ravetree has one pricing plan with three payment options depending on the billing cycle: Monthly ($39/user/month), Quarterly ($34/user/month), and Yearly ($29/user/month). All options include the full Ravetree platform, unlimited projects, free training, and 1GB storage per user.

Pros and Cons


Ravetree is one of the best project management software on the market that provides powerful and intuitive features.  It covers all project aspect from planning to completion. It also has flexible workflows that can be fully customized. Another good thing about Ravetree is the ability to track time and translates the spent time into dollars.


Ravetree has no integration with other Accounting software. It also has no mobile app both on Android and IOS.


Many users said that this project management software helps them to make knowledgeable decisions every time and function at their best level. Thus, the software helps businesses maximize their personnel and resources to become successful and generate more revenue and profits. In our opinion, Ravetree is a suitable tool for professional service businesses and software teams.

Ravetree Rating

Functionality 89/100
Flexibility 88/100
Usability 82/100
Pricing 85/100
Total Score 86/100

About Ravetree

Wicker and co-founders Debbie Castrodale, Greg Lincoln and Jason Breault are making a big bet that agile is the future of project management, but it isn’t a blind bet. West Coast web development agency ScientiaTech aggregated statistics in late 2013 showing that agile adoption is continuing to rise and that it saves companies money.

Ravetree is built for software teams, and professional service businesses have unique needs that are not addressed in existing solutions. Some of these needs include tracking employee time logs, resource and expense management, working with collaborators and contractors, and keeping projects in line with customer expectations. Because no single application covers all of these bases, companies must often resort to using five or six different apps to meet all their needs, which results in data redundancy and difficulty finding information that is spread across multiple platforms.

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