Best Project Portfolio Management Software in 2020

Project Portfolio Management Software (PPM) is the centralized management of the processes, methods, and technologies used by project managers and project management offices to analyze and collectively manage current or proposed projects based on numerous key characteristics. With project portfolio management software, you can determine the optimal resource mix for delivery and to schedule activities to best achieve an organization’s operational and financial goals.

Best Project Portfolio Management Software

We looked at a range of options and found the top ten best Project Portfolio Management Software for you.

Project Insight

Project Insight - Project Portfolio Management Software

Project Insight is a project and portfolio management solution for project driven organizations. Its system is fully customizable, follows the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) standards, includes free training for everyone, and provides comprehensive project-prioritization tools.

Project Insight is a collaborative solution that enables teams to manage projects from a single location, monitor resources, project budget, share documents, view tasks, time & expense tracking, and gain access to real-time reporting. The solution can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and can be integrated with other enterprise applications with APIs and an SDK.

Portfolio Management Features

Portfolio analysis and project reporting in Project Insight allows executives to view all the projects in the portfolio in real time. Access to real time information empowers project managers and executives to detect projects at risk in order to make timely decisions. Below is the key features of portfolio management of Project Insight:

  • Dashboard – Dashboards give team members a quick way to update tasks, projects, issues or other items they are assigned to from one place. Project Insight takes personalization to a new level by giving the user display options for each item on the dashboard. Sort tasks by date, add and eliminate columns on reports, or only show this week’s work. It’s up to you.
  • Customized reports – Create, save and share customized reports such as actual profit report, cross project allocation report, budget allocation, and more. You can run portfolio reports graphically as bar charts, pies, or line graphs.
  • Project scorecard – A scorecard is a tool that organizations can use to evaluate and rank projects based on a set of standard criteria. Use the project score card to weigh goals, critical success factors, and KPIs.


  • Team (Free forever) – Including basic functionality, unlimited users/additional paid add-ons available, and SaaS/mobile friendly.
  • Business ($45/user/month) – Including core features & add-ons, VirtualPM™ for Slack, and SaaS/mobile friendly.
  • Enterprise ($65/user/month) including all features & add-ons, VirtualPM™ for Slack, and SaaS/mobile friendly.


Project Insight is one of the best project management systems for project prioritization and reporting. If you need to prioritize multiple projects at once and perform budget forecast reports, Project Insight can help you streamline your project-analysis processes. Using this software, you can rate and weigh project parameters against your company’s critical success factors to evaluate the success of each project. It also includes over 100 preconfigured reports and can run customized reports.


Packages may be expensive for small businesses.


Office: 230 Commerce, Suite 285 Irvine, California 92602, United States
Phone: 1.949.476.6499 Email: [email protected]

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Sciforma PPM

Sciforma - Best Project Portfolio Management Software

Sciforma is a cloud-based project and portfolio management solution for enterprises that allows to strategically track and analyze project data and make relevant decisions. It can be sold as a stand-alone portfolio management, project management, or time and expense tracking program.

The purpose of Sciforma is to help companies reduce risk and maximize benefits. The project and portfolio management software provides organizations with the necessary tools to align their projects to management strategy and improves project success rates overall.

Sciforma can be tailored to fit the needs of companies of any size, in any industry. Although Sciforma works with companies from all areas of project management, the software is most frequently utilized by organizations that work in new product development (NPD), professional services administration (PSA), IT, and the public sector.

Project & Portfolio Management Features

  • Portfolio Status Overview – Assess all projects. Track, understand, and report: Quickly check the status of all ongoing projects. Spot any issues. Drill down into the details to identify the root problems or details.
  • Portfolio Analysis & Control – Analyze and assess the portfolio performance in real time. Accelerate the implementation of corporate strategies: Access a global view of your portfolio. Define appropriate attributes and criteria for driving the decision-making processes. Compare portfolio and project resource needs by organization and job classification.
  • Budget Management – Allocate the budget and monitor budget consumption.
  • Portfolio Ranking – Compare and rank submitted projects: Assess selected ideas along with ongoing projects to determine the capacity of the organization to launch them and choose projects to launch.
  • Portfolio Simulation Keep your portfolio within budget and aligned with available resources : Compare various options. Balance and monitor portfolios by doing real-time pipeline management. Evaluate current and potential allocations of financial assets. Choose allocations that best fit your company’s needs and goals.
  • Capacity planning – Utilize the right resource at the right time. Visualize bottlenecks and under allocations. With capacity planning, you can visualize bottlenecks and under allocation of resources. Utilize the right resources at the right time.
  • Idea Management – Gather all demands and ideas in a single place. Filter through by status, type or any other property. Analyze and decide which ideas to approve or further evaluate.


Pricing information is not publicly available. Sciforma PPM requires prospects fill out a form for a personalized quote.


Perfect for the Enterprise PMO use case. It provides a flexible platform for managing multiple project environments and is functionally scalable to accommodate various maturity levels.


Functions are catered more toward large companies and enterprises.


Office: 4880 Stevens Creek Blvd, Suite 102, San Jose, CA 95129 – USA
Phone: +1 (408) 354-0144 Email: [email protected]

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Versionone - Enterprise Agile Management Software

VersionOne is agile project and portfolio management software platform for software development teams. VersionOne helps development teams, project managers, and business owners enable software agility, providing excellent project management performance. This solution supports Scrum, Lean, XP, and Kanban methodologies.

Versionone offers powerful collaboration features, with storyboards and taskboards for a status update, questions, and conversation. The business intelligence function provides its users with data visualization, reporting, and project analysis. Besides that, this solution also offers almost all the features required for an efficient project management, includng project budgeting, product roadmapping, test case management, and many more.

Portfolio Management Features

  • Agile Portfolio Planning – The Portfolio Planner consolidates the portfolio planning, prioritization, and estimation functions to allow you to focus on higher level planning separate from your product-level backlog.
  • Portfolio and Team Kanban – The Portfolio Kanban board provides an at-a-glance grid view of the portfolio items in a project. Here, you can visualize, plan, and track the progress of your strategic project development initiatives . This visualization shows the highest level of detail available for any given project view, and provides editable access to details behind each portfolio item.
  • Analytics Portfolio Dashboards – The Analytics Portfolio dashboards provide reporting at the Portfolio level and are focused on tracking high-level business initiatives across multiple programs and/or organizations.
  • Analytics Custom Reports – With Analytics Custom Reports, you can create and run ad-hoc reports. These reports can include built-in attributes, custom fields (Numeric, Boolean, Text, and Drop Downs), and calculated fields. Examples of the type of reports you can create are: Summarize current status, Capacity Allocations, Exception/kick-out reports, Workitems (Stories, Defects, and TestSets) that are currently broken by defects, and Reports based on current values in multi-select fields.
  • Portfolio Item Scorecard – The Portfolio Item Scorecard shows metrics to help you understand the progress and impact of an initiative, feature, or for other portfolio items. Using this data, you can: compare actual and expected progress, understand the remaining work and historical trends on work that has already been delivered, see the impact of the portfolio item across your organization.


  • Starting Price $29.00/month/user
  • Free Version
  • Free Trial


Versionone offers almost all the features required for an software project management. This solution also have excellent reporting tools for upper management. You can get very nice graphs showing burndown, get a detailed view of status of sprints and progress of work planned.


There are many complaints about slow software performance.


Atlanta Office: 6220 Shiloh Road, Suite 400, Alpharetta, GA 30005, United States
Houston Office: 3200 Wilcrest, Suite 415, Houston, Texas 77042, United States
+1 (678) 268-3320

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Projectplace - Project Portfolio Management Software

Projectplace is a cloud-based project portfolio management software that helps organizations in a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, retail and health care, execute projects and monitor their progress efficiently.

ProjectPlace’s services include project management tools, project planning tools, and project execution tools. These products offer a variety of features including Kanban boards, Gantt charts, calendars, to-do lists, and project dashboard. New projects can be initiated quickly by the use of customized project templates. A communications application helps to improve client creativity, collaboration, and commitment. Portfolio and resource management tools help customers to prioritize their projects.

Portfolio Management Features

With Projectplace you get a complete overview of how your projects are performing. You can see the status of Key Performance Indicators (time, cost and quality) as well as project budget, cost to date and expected outcome per project. In Projectplace, management can not only see the status of each project, they can also analyze, prioritize and follow-up, making sure that resources are used in the optimal way.

  • Report Management – Projectplace offers almost unlimited possibilities for customization. Filter the information you’re interested in and view it in real time. If needed, you can extract your chosen view into a report, which can be distributed to investors and other stakeholders.
  • Visualize your Projectplace data in Microsoft Power BI – You and your team create vast amounts of data just by planning and executing on tasks. The reports and dashboard provide key project statistics, allowing you to e.g.: visualize progress, find bottlenecks, know whom your most active team members are, and identify at-risk activities across projects.


Projectplace is available in a single pricing plan ($29/user/month – when billed annually all prices exclude VAT). For those who want to give the platform a try first, a free trial is available.


The layout of the webpage is simple enough and the settings page is easy to maneuver. Adding cards and resources on the cards is very intuitive. This solution provides easy way to keep track of the progress in your project.


Inflexible pricing plans


Office: Planview, Inc. 12301 Research Boulevard, Research Park Plaza V, Suite 101, Austin, Texas 78759, USA.
USA: 800 856 8600 Email: [email protected]

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Planview - Resource and Project Portfolio Management Software

Planview is an resource and project portfolio management software for IT and product development. The solution aligns effort and budgets to meet company goals, while enabling prioritization and agility for planning resource capacity. The result is a standardization of work execution across silos of project management teams.

Planview provides complete solution beginning with intake, planning, execution, and up to delivery. Whether they are projects, applications, products, or investments, users are able to integrate the different phases so that data remain relevant and help users make trade-offs and adjustments as often as needed. It can capture demand, prioritize portfolios, optimize capacity, link plans to execution and manage end-to-end financials.

This PPM solutions is suitable for several settings such as for information technology and product development. Also, users have the option to use Enterprise Cloud, a SaaS-based solution, or deploy on-premise, or use a combination of both.

Portfolio & Resource Management Features

By integrating planning and execution, Planview’s project portfolio management software enables IT leaders to optimize their project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, and link plans and resources to project execution.

  • IT Demand Management and Portfolio Planning – Centralize demand intake and optimize the project portfolio and resource capacity to deliver your organization’s strategic initiatives.
  • Program Management and Roadmapping – Drive a strategic plan while balancing against day-to-day realities. Use program management and roadmapping to define top-down timeframes and financials, then adjust based on bottom-up project forecasts and actuals.
  • IT Resource Management and Capacity Planning – Optimize your resource capacity and improve utilization. Planview’s IT project portfolio management software delivers a combined view to balance demand and capacity across resource groups, roles, and named resources.
  • IT Project Planning and Management – Plan, manage, and deliver all types of work – traditional, iterative, agile, and collaborative. Planview’s IT project portfolio management software provides a comprehensive approach across project schedules, work collaboration, milestones, backlog, and resources to manage performance and ensure on-time delivery.
  • Financial Management – Balance your portfolio for capital and expense constraints. Planview’s IT PPM solutions provide comprehensive views into project budget, actuals, and forecast to understand how costs break down by innovation, compliance, and “keep the lights on”.
  • IT Analytics and Reporting – Visualize, share, and investigate portfolio performance to identify issues and manage against KPIs. Planview’s IT PPM tools integrate analytics and reporting into the user experience to inform decisions, increasing efficiency and ensuring results.


Pricing information is not publicly available that depends on several configuration factors.


Planview offers businesses and organizations a comprehensive, feature-rich platform that can handle every step of and areas of resource and portfolio management. Planview also comes with rich analytics and reporting features. The platform’s intuitive and scalable interface enables users to effortlessly create views and tables using the wizard-based approach.


Needs to be much more intuitive.


Office: Planview, Inc. 12301 Research Boulevard, Research Park Plaza V, Suite 101, Austin, Texas 78759, USA.
Phone: 800 856 8600 Email: [email protected]

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Workfront - Flexible Project Portfolio Management Software

Workfront, formerly AtTask, is a high-end project portfolio management software that also tackles work management more generally. It’s designed for enterprise-size organizations, rather than small businesses. This solution that helps teams to prioritize, route, manage tasks, track the progress of projects, balance resources, watch budgets, and even review and approve work. It is suitable for businesses of any size and industry including IT, architecture and accounting.

The software goes above and beyond most project management solutions because it keeps track of a repository of creative assets, along with performance metrics so companies can recognize employee achievements. It also boosts communication and collaboration among teams.

Methodologies such as Agile, Waterfall and others can be implemented with Workfront, and the platform is designed to scale along with company growth.

Reporting Features

  • Operational Reporting – Utilize standard reports or build your own custom dashboards to track your important KPIs like time, budget, and ROI in one place.
  • Financial Reporting – With Workfront, you can break down important financial data like planned vs. actual resource hours, budget spend, or contracted revenue and deliver reports to leaders that demonstrate your team’s value.


Workfront doesn’t list prices on its website because the cost varies based on each organization’s setup and installation. Workfront offers three role-based licenses to choose from: Team (single team), Pro (for one departement), Business (up to 10 departement), and Enterprise (entire enterprise).


With Workfront you can seamlessly toggle between Agile and Waterfall views of projects and tasks, so everyone can contribute to the same projects regardless of methodology. Standardize and automate forms, tasks, and workflows make this solution become a most flexible project portfolio management software. Workfront also has a tons of integrations, including with Outlook, Microsoft SharePoint, Google Docs, Jira, and Box.


No ability to compare multiple portfolio scenarios. Workfront also have no timer & expense features included.


Address: Workfront Corporate Of?ce 3301 N Thanksgiving Way Ste. 100 Lehi, UT 84043, USA
Phone: 866.441.0001  Email: [email protected]

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Smartsheet - project portfolio management software

Smartsheet is a project management application with a spreadsheet-like interface to help teams collaborate, plan projects and manage tasks, but is different from other spreadsheet-based applications because of the many collaboration options incorporated into it. The software offers a suite of project management applications, such as document management, reporting, resource management and time tracking, with issue management offered through an add-on application.

Project Portfolio Management Features

Project portfolio management helps create a more efficient approval and execution process by critically comparing every proposed project to each so that organizations can take on an appropriate and realistic amount of work.

  • Project Portfolio Summary – Track overall PPM processes in one centralized spreadsheet that manages requested components, evaluation status, and all associated risks over time. Plus, discover in-app collaboration features, real-time updates, and more to keep everyone up to date.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis – Identify the potential costs and benefits of each proposed component as part of the evaluation phase of PPM.
  • Project Tracker – Track the status of each individual component or project once it enters the execution phase.
  • Project Portfolio Scorecard – During the evaluation phase, create a visual scorecard of each proposed component to help guide decision making.
  • Portfolio Master List – In this template, create a prioritized master list of all authorized components, projects, programs, or portfolios.
  • Portfolio Milestone Rollup – Track the high-level status of multiple projects simultaneously in this spreadsheet-inspired portfolio rollup. Monitor progress toward milestones, add comments, and manage the budget.


  • Individual ($14 / user / month, when billed annually) – The features of the Individual package include: E-mail Support, Ability to create up to 10 sheets, Attachments, Reminders and Notifications, Commenting, Card View, Gantt Charts/Critical Path, Forms, Integrations with all top cloud productivity apps.
  • Business ($25 / user / month, when billed annually) – The features of the Business package include: All of the features of the Individual plan, Up to 100 sheets per user, Unlimited Reports, User Management, Groups, Resource Management, Custom Colors and Logos, Automated Actions, Activity Logs, Sights, Live Data Connector.
  • Enterprise (Contact Smartsheet for the price) – The features of the Business package include: All of the features of the Business plan, Single-Sign-On (SSO), Enterprise Access Control.


Diverse functionality and cloud-based project management platform that uses an enhanced spreadsheet-like interface. It is like google sheets but has much more functionality with a unique blend of project management flavors.


Smartsheet users have mentioned the platform running a little slow when it is holding a lot of data and it require a lot of learning.


Smartsheet – Bellevue: 10500 NE 8th St, Suite 1300, Bellevue, WA 98004-4357 USA
Smartsheet – Boston: 179 Lincoln St #200, Boston, MA 02111 USA
Phone: (844) 324-2360

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Genius Project

Genius Project - Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Software

Genius Project is an enterprise project management  and portfolio management solution designed to track all aspects of a project from start to finish. It can be deployed both in the cloud and on-premise. Genius Project allows teams to prioritize projects, group and score them to compare progress. Genius Planner, the Gantt Charting tool connects to Microsoft Project. Their role-based workflow capabilities can be tailored to account for gates, phase reviews and approvals.

Another key feature of Genius Project is document management. As projects often involve many documents, storing them together is important. Genius Project is compatible with many different file formats (e.g., Excel, Word, Adobe), and it even provides predefined document templates.

Documents can also be edited within Genius Project. Users can share documents, as well as attach files and comments to any document.

Project Portfolio Management Features

Genius Project’s PPM capabilities allows you to group actual and potential projects so you can define scores and compare them at the portfolio level. Below is the key features of project portfolio management software:

  • Portfolio Dashboard – Genius Project gives project portfolio users flexible templates and PPM dashboard capabilities tailored to their needs. With Genius Project’s project portfolio management dashboards, project team members, PMOs and executives can access the necessary big picture and analysis needed while allowing them to drill-down to the smallest of details.
  • Portfolio Budget Planning – Genius Project’s project portfolio management online solution will automatically track all planned and actual costs providing you with real time budget statuses across your project portfolio. This information can be displayed in configurable dashboards for analysis and can help organizations’ fine tune and prioritize portfolio budgets across current and future fiscal years.
  • Portfolio Consolidated View – Genius Project’s project portfolio dashboard view consolidates an overview of ongoing project status and progress indicators like, budgets, workloads, and actuals. You have all of the information necessary online to help you make the right PPM decision such as stop projects, add more resources, and re-estimate priorities.


Pricing information is not publicly available. Genius Project requires prospects fill out a form for a personalized quote.


Strong collaboration functionality, scalable and customizable to fit a business’s needs, ability to store and edit all project-related documents in a single repository.


Too powerful for businesses that only require a few features, only corporate email addresses (not Gmail) recognized for free trial signup.


Office: 250 Park Ave Suite 700, New York, NY 10177, USA
Phone: +1 866 877 4364 or +1 646 560 3240 Email: [email protected]

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Mavenlink - Project Portfolio Management Software for Agencies

Mavenlink is a cloud-based project management solution that helps any business manage its projects. Mavenlink offers project accounting, resource management, business intelligence and collaboration.

One main benefit of Mavelink is that businesses don’t have to adhere to rigid deadlines. Mavenlink provides them with the ability to change or customize deadlines based on any feedback or other factors.

Mavenlink is suitable for professional service businesses, especially in the marketing, advertising, public relations, architecture, engineering, IT services, management consulting and educational industries.

Portfolio Management Features

Traditional PPM tools let planned and actual deliverables get out of sync. Mavenlink helps your team easily see projects falling off track, so you can address risks before they become crises. You can see the performance of individual projects or entire portfolios with powerful real-time analytics and full ad-hoc custom reporting capabilities. Track topline performance metrics like utilization and costs, then drill down for detailed answers.


  • Teams ($19/user/month) – Including collaboration and task management
  • Professional ($39/user/month) – Including collaboration, project management, and time tracking.
  • Premier (Contact mavenlin for the price) – Including collaboration, project management, time tracking, financials, and resource planning.
  • Enterprise (Contact mavenlin for the price) – Including collaboration, project management, time tracking, financials, resource planning, advanced services, and business intelligence.


Scalable pricing plans, business intelligence functionality (Enterprise plan), accounting and resource management functionality (available on three pricing plans). Mavenlink is a flexible project portfolio management software, provides the ability to set up multiple templates for different types of projects, supports T&M and Fixed Fee contract types, integrates to SalesForce, provides multiple views toward project status, continually adding new features and capabilities


Advanced reporting features only available with Premier and Enterprise plans. Beginners may be overwhelmed with so many options and use-cases


Mavenlink has several offices in the US, including: Orange County, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Boston.
Global: +1 949 336 7610 US: (800) 860-9544

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celoxis - project portfolio management software

Celoxis is an all-in-one project portfolio management (PPM) solution that eliminates the need for managing multiple spreadsheets, emails and other files within a project. You can create realistic project plans with Celoxis’ scheduling features like vacation/holiday and timezone scheduling, resource work calendars, constraints, dependencies with lead/lag, and unlimited task hierarchy. You can also utilize your resources optimally and track bugs, issues, approvals, change requests and more.

Project Portfolio Management Features

Celoxis gives several best portfolio reports for managers and executives that you can use out-of-the box. You can also create your reports.

  • Budget Allocations – This is a bar chart report that lays out budget allocations per manager aligned by their projects’ start month and year. This gives a visual insight into your approved budget allocations for managers and their projects.
  • Project Portfolio Analysis – This is a bubble chart that gives you a good 30,000 feet overview of how your projects are aligned with organizational strategy and financial or operational benefit. The color coding on the bubbles indicates the perceived risk from the project.
  • Project Status (Gantt) – This is timeline view of all projects in your portfolio. Again a tracking report, and gives managers and executives a good overview of how the projects and their top-level tasks are lined up with their schedules.
  • Cost Overrun – Cost Overrun is a tabular report that identifies projects whose actuals costs have exceeded their estimated costs.
  • Resource Capacity – With this time-phased report, executives and project approvers can get a clear picture of your resource capacity at any point and make better resourcing decisions for new projects.
  • Resource Utilization – This report can help track the utilization of resources against the plans.
  • Resource Efficiency – This is an excellent report for monitoring resource performance.


  • Cloud – $25 Per User/Month (Billed Monthly). Including 5 user minimum, Historical 99.99% up-time, Free clients & virtual users, 1 hour free training, and2GB file space per user
  • Install on your server – $450 Per User (Billed once). Including 5 user minimum, Historical 99.99% up-time, Free clients & virtual users, 1 hour free training.


As well as the standard ability to plan project and has a great reporting structure and flexibility in creating your own custom fields.


Steep learning curve for users who’ve never used a project management solution before, may be too full-featured for small offices.


Head office: 3 Shreyas Eterna, Bavdhan, Pune, India 411021

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Easy Projects

Easy Projects - Project Portfolio Management Software

Easy Projects is a cloud-based project management platform ideal for fast-moving teams inside medium-sized organizations and enterprises that have outgrown their current project or task management tools. The platform enables users to collaboratively initiate, approve, plan and execute projects, assign resources, track progress, monitor spend and costs, prioritize tasks, work breakdown structure (WBS), multiple dependencies, critical path management and report on results. Easy Projects also supports Agile, Kanban and Waterfall methodologies that can all be used in unison depending on preference.

Project Portfolio Management Features

Grouping together similar projects into organized portfolios which can be located with one click of a button, is a great way for project managers to segment projects based on team, department, client, content category and more! Below is portfolio management features:

  • Portfolio Manager – You can appoint any project member as a portfolio manager. This role can create, delete or edit existing portfolios and any of the properties within them.
  • Custom Fields – To make portfolio management more flexible and adaptable you can use portfolio-based custom fields, a unique feature of Easy Projects.
  • Integrations – Easy Projects can integrate with a host of other software tools that allow for more effective management and execution of project portfolios. Data can be imported from programs like Excel or Project Management Tools like MS Project, Outlook, and more.
  • Portfolio Analysis – Within each portfolio, you can track and measure the progress of all projects and even the performance of individual team members. Thus, if a new project that would fit into a certain portfolio needs to be started; the timeline, work allocation and expectation for progress can be immediately assessed and assigned.


Easy Projects’ hosted solution comes in two pricing packages: Pro and Enterprise. The cost of the packages varies based on the features.

  • Pro – $24 per user per month. Volume and term discounts available
  • Enterprise – Users will need to get a quote from Easy Projects for the Enterprise plan. The Enterprise plan includes all of the features of the Pro plan, plus: 500 GB storage, unlimited custom fields, unlimited portfolios, business intelligence, a resource loading simulation, critical paths, time-log approvals and payroll support, and Enhanced security.


With project templates, custom forms and fields, EasyProjects become a most flexible project management software. Free access for clients and guests to track projects and collaborate, business intelligence feature, flexible budgeting and billing features is another main advantage of EasyProjects.


The guest user panel is a bit basic and dated. Filtering could be improved a little.


Head Office: 1120 Finch Avenue West, Suite 201, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 3H7 Canada
Toll-free phone: +1 888 261 9878 Office: +1 416 907-9944 Email: [email protected]

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