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Procore is cloud-based construction project management software that helps you manage multiple projects, in one place, with ultimate project visibility. It has a comprehensive construction operating system that provides a central platform where users can collaborate, applications can integrate, and devices can interconnect to provide real-time sharing of information and other updates.


Procore was built for the construction industry professional with the goal of making project management easier. It is a comprehensive platform that covers the entire project lifecycle. An integrated and collaborative system connects people, applications and devices in a central workspace

1. Bidding

Procore Bidding Workflow Diagram
Bidding Workflow Diagram – Click to show a full size image

This software allows organizations to solicit bids for projects while providing a central location for managing and viewing the status of all bids. Contractors can download bid packages from Procore and submit bids directly back into the system.

It enables quick evaluation of the key factors used to derive the best contractor for a specific scope. Users are able to compare bids based on factors such as a breakdown by cost code, the backlog and bidding history of individual bidders, and the physical location of specific bidders. It would be nice to be able to use the software as a plan room for bidding.

2. Schedule, Timecards, and Meetings Management

In Procore you can’t create or modify the schedule without having to go through a third party such as MS Project and Primavera. Procore does allow for you to upload your MS Project or Primavera files. It’s offers a gantt chart view or calendar view by day, week, or month.

Procore Gantt Chart View
Gantt Chart View – Click to enlarge

Timecard is time tracking software for the project management team. Over a period, the accurate reporting of time by the resource helps the project manager to understand the performance and the average time a resource takes to complete a particular type of task.  This information will be extremely useful for the estimation for the next projects, especially if the activities are similar in nature. Timecard software allow you to export timecard data for payroll.

You can manage all aspects of your project meetings from agenda distribution to post-meeting approval of minutes.

3. Submitals & RFIs

Procore Submittal
Submittal – Click to enlarge

Procore’s built-in submittal builder scans every page of your spec book and automatically generates a submittal register within seconds. Then, you can organize your submittal log by division, add shop drawings, and catalog pages. Attachments can be added to a submittal directly from your computer or directly from Procore’s construction Document Management Tool.

Procore RFIs
RFIs – Click to enlarge

In procore you can keep RFIs organized and accessible, answer RFIs by email, quickly turn RFIs into actions, record a history of all RFIs, and quickly create a change event when a response to an RFI results in a change in costs.

4. Punch List

Procore Punch Workflow Diagram
Punch Workflow Diagram

Keep a clear list of punch items, assign responsibility, select a due date, and track its current status. Create punch list items directly from the field (even offline) and you can use QR codes to start your quick punch process.

5. Transmittals

Procore transmittal tools
Transmittal tools – Click to enlarge

Procore includes comprehensive management and organization of a project’s transmittals. With Procore, you’ll never lose track of a transmittal, and you’ll be able to see exactly what materials were sent to any recipient. Create a transmittal within Procore’s construction software and specify the transmittal number, a requested response date, as well as a request for acknowledgment.

6. Spec Management

Spec Management Workflow
Spec Management Workflow – Click to enlarge

With potentially thousands of spec pages, managing revisions, organizing, and distributing spec sections while maintaining the current set is a daunting task. Procore provides the only spec management tool designed specifically for General Contractors to spend less time managing specs, and more time getting work done.

7. Drawing & Photos

Procore Drawing

Users can quickly and easily view drawings and revisions from start to finish. Annotate drawings and add notes from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Procore users can also link RFIs, documents, submittals, and photos, drop punch items, and share revisions automatically.

Procore Integration

Procore also ready to integrate with other tools through its App Marketplace. Users can select specific categories to narrow down the apps they want to integrate with, such as accounting, CRM, time tracking, and more.

Mobile App

The mobile app allows you to check submittals, documents, drawings, and specs on your phone without needing to be chained to your computer or to return to the trailer to look at a note on the plans or in the spec. It allows your photos to be uploaded to the same location as the photos your superintendent takes. And everything syncs up nearly perfectly with the desktop app that provides, even more, features and tools to efficiently manage your project. Procore app available on playstore (Android) and app store (IOS).

Customer Service & Support

Customer service is at your fingertips, with the ability to write a question and remain on the screen for direction and efficient answers within minutes. Online training shows how to use the features available with short videos. There is also written instructions that can be done through searching key words. Overall, procore has one of the best customer support teams.


Procore offers a single annual license that allows for unlimited access to internal employees as well as external clients and partners. Please contact the company for specific pricing details.

Pros & Cons

In procore everything is archived and stored in an organized manner, it’s like having your entire project in a cloud-based filing cabinet. This software provides access to unlimited users at no extra cost. The daily log tool is excellent for the superintendent to record all day-to-day activities on the job-site.

Scheduling tool is almost useless if you want to update it daily. The ability to create and modify the schedule without having to go through a third party would be a great improvement.


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