Orangescrum Review: Overview, Features & Pricing

Our Score: 88/100

Orangescrum is one of the most popular open source project management software in the world. The platform combines work management, team collaboration & file sharing, invoicing, and time log. Furthermore, Orangescrum is also suitable for many different projects type. Because this software allows users to create their own custom workflow as per their own project requirements.

This project management software also supports agile methodologies, both scrum and kanban. With Orangescrum, users are able to analyze and get a clear picture of the entire project on what has been done, what needs to be done and what is in progress.

The Orangescrum Open Source edition can be installed on PHP supported servers. Earlier the best-recommended version was PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.2. You can install it on various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Orangescrum Overview

Table of contents

Key Features

Use Orangescrum to create projects, invite your teams, assign tasks and get going on the project in a simple way. Auto-notifications and invites are sent to users to start working on their assigned tasks and move projects forward. It also provides time tracking software and enables users to mark time entries as billable or non-billable hours.

Features Availability
1. Project Planning & Scheduling
1.1. Setting priorities and deadlines
1.2. Resources & Workload Management
1.3. Support Agile Methodologies
1.4. Gantt Chart
1.5. Project Templates
1.6. Intake / Request Forms
2. Task Management
2.1. Assigning tasks to team members
2.2. Attach files to the task
2.3. Comments on task
2.4. Custom status
2.5. Custom workflows
2.6. Task dependencies
2.7. Sub Task
2.8. Progress Tracking / Status
2.9. Notifications
2.10. Time tracking
3. Reporting
3.1. Status reports
3.2. Risk Reports
3.3. Executive Reports
3.4. Resource Reports
4. Project Financial Management
4.1. Budgeting
4.2. Payments / Billing
4.3. Integration with Accounting Systems
5. Other Features
5.1. Document Management
5.2. Portfolio Management
5.3. Mobile App

Task Management

Task management feature enables you to assign, manage, and evaluate the progress of all your tasks. Furthermore, you can organize them with priority, deadlines, and breakdown your tasks to multiple sub-tasks for added clarity. Also, you can create task dependencies between one and others.

Orangescrum Sprint Planning
Sprint Planning

If you use Orangescrum as Agile Project Management Software, task groups can be used as a Sprint. Meanwhile, sub-tasks are similar to milestones that delineate a point in a project schedule. These points can note the start and finish of a project, and mark the completion of a major phase of work.

In addition, there is also a task type to helps you better organize your project tasks. You can mark your tasks as “change request”, “development”, “idea”, etc, for instance.

Gantt Chart

Almost all popular project management software provides an interactive Gantt chart, including Orangescrum. So users can schedule tasks and visualize the required steps to complete the project. Also, through the Gantt chart, a project manager can directly get information about delays in the project and can act accordingly.

Orangescrum Interactive Gantt Chart
Interactive Gantt Chart

In the Gantt chart view, users can directly edit tasks, create sub-tasks, create task dependencies, reorder tasks, and change the task’s start and due date using a drag & drop feature. Also, Orangescrum lets users export the Gantt chart to a PDF or PNG file.

Time Tracking & Invoice

Orangescrum has the Timer and Time Entry features to further simplify your time management process. In addition, Orangescrum offers Time Tracking with Daily and Weekly Timesheets. Thus, if you are a daily person you can opt for the “Daily Timesheet” to track your hours spent on a daily basis. Alternatively, if you prefer to log time once for all you can select the Weekly Timesheet to enter time spent across projects and tasks for the week gone by.

Furthermore, you can mark your billable and non-billable hours in a click. And the most important thing, Orangescrum enables you to view your team’s time spend in a single view and confidently generate accurate invoices for your customers.

Resource Management

Resource Management enables you to get a transparent allocation of work and ensures you are not overloading your Smart and Efficient resources. So, you can easily track which resource is overloaded and re-plan task assignments for quicker delivery. Furthermore, this feature gives great visibility of team’s leave schedule and allows for team members to plan their leaves responsibly. This leads to increased collaboration and mutual cooperation which augurs well for your business.

Orangescrum Resource Management
Resource Management

With Resource Management add-on, you can easily partner with freelancers or contractors. Its because the feature gives absolute clarity on hours spent and lets you generate payment receipts just like Pay Slips and send to your freelancers and contractors. In addition, Inbuilt SMART payment module ensures your “external teams” log time against their agreed work.

Mobile App

Orangescrum mobile app

Orangescrum also provides mobile app both for Android and IOS, even in the On-premises version. With this mobile app, you can organize projects, tasks, communicate with the team, notify important issues, and manage projects at any time and anywhere.

Orangescrum Apps on Google Play Orangescrum Apps on App Store

User Experience

Everyone can try Orangescrum for 30-Days with unrestricted access to all features. So I took the opportunity to try to use Orangescrum to manage my real project. Here is my experience using Orangescrum, hopefully, it will be useful for you.

As a software developer, Orangescrum is really useful for me to manage my software development projects. Usually, I manage my projects using scrum methodologies to meet the project’s deadline. And the good news, Orangescrum has all the ability to helps me organize my agile team. Product backlog, sprint planning, resources management, time tracking, and creating an invoice, for instance.

Although in my opinion, Orangescrum is not easy to use enough. Especially on the Backlog management menu or if you have a long tasks list. For example, there is no feature to add a new task with detailed information such as assignee, task duration, etc. If you want to fill all the task’s attributes, you must go to the tasks detailed view then click the edit button. After the task is saved, the page will reload and will display the top task list. So, if you want to edit many tasks at the bottom of the page, you may need to scroll down every time you do it.

Therefore, I prefer managing task details through an interactive Gantt chart. Because of editing and displaying the task details in Gantt view are using the pop-up model without switching pages or reload pages every time you save changes. Thus, managing tasks through the Gantt chart view is simpler and faster than Backlog menu. So I only use the Backlog menu to create a Sprint plan. Then to manage the tasks in more detail, I use the Gantt chart. Add assignee and set task duration, for instance.

But if you are running traditional project management, I think the Tasks menu is good enough and easy to use for you to manage your project’s tasks. There is inline editing feature, Start Timer feature to record your working hours on each task, etc.

Customer Services & Support

Orangescrum provides a knowledge base for users with a getting-started guide, installation guide, and more. Users can submit a question through the contact-support page. Their support hours are M-F 08:00 AM – 08:00 PM IST (GMT +05:30). On weekends their responses might get delayed by 1-2 business days.

Orangescrum also offers the following support packages: Basic, Advanced, and Professional. The main difference between each plan is the responses time and the services provided.


OrangeScrum offers three products: Enterprise (Free to use), Cloud (monthly subscriptions range from $9 to $109), Cloud Self-Hosted (one-time fees range from $259 to $4,999). Users who subscribe to Cloud annual plans are given a 10% discount. The main difference between the products is the availability of premium features, such as Slack integration, time log functionality, and more. Most importantly, from time to time, Orangescrum offers discounts on their plans. Visit their website to check if they have one on offer now.

The Open Source base code is completely Free for download and customizable as per users requirement. So you can top it up with paid add-ons anytime. Orangescrum enables businesses of all sizes to deliver projects on time, within budget, and with confidence.

Pros and Cons


OrangeScrum has a delightful blend of affordability and features, great resource management, and Easy to use. It’s also easy to install and its on PHP.


A lot of features are still available as premium features/add-ons. Premium features include time tracking, recurring tasks, Gantt charts, project templates, client management, user role management, and more.


Overall, Orangescrum is one of the most feature-rich open source project management software. In addition, this also provides mobile applications that are rarely found in other open source project management software. In our opinion, this platform is best used for software development teams, freelancer, or marketing team.

Orangescrum Rating

Functionality 90/100
Flexibility 90/100
Usability 88/100
Pricing 85/100
Total Score 88/100

About Orangescrum

Orangescrum is a privately held company based in San Jose, California. Founded in 2011, Orangescrum has helped many industries to be highly effective in project management. Most importantly, this platform has cloud, cloud self-hosted & Open Source Enterprise Self-Hosted editions with multiple robust features. Its feature like Gantt chart, Time log, Kanban View, Daily Catch-Up, Recurring Tasks, Project & Task templates, Invoicing, etc. In addition, the feature-rich Android and iOS mobile apps are a huge plus to access anytime, anywhere.

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