MyCollab Review: Overview, Features & Pricing

Our Score: 80/100

MyCollab is an open source Project Management Software that can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premises. It helps you manage tasks, documents, and customers all in one place. Another good thing is that the platform is used very well in both traditional project management or Agile methodologies. MyCollab allows you to create sprint planning or manage issues using Kanban view.

Table of contents

Key Features

Generally, MyCollab provides three collaboration modules including project management tools, customer relationship management (CRM), and document creation and editing software. The free edition doesn’t have a cloud option, CRM tools, and document management. But the free open source version still provides essential project management features, including tasks, issues management, activity stream, roadmap view, and a Kanban board for agile teams.

Features Availability
1. Project Planning & Scheduling
1.1. Setting priorities and deadlines
1.2. Resources & Workload Management
1.3. Support Agile Methodologies
1.4. Gantt Chart
1.5. Project Templates
1.6. Intake / Request Forms
2. Task Management
2.1. Assigning tasks to team members
2.2. Attach files to the task
2.3. Comments on task
2.4. Custom status
2.5. Custom workflows
2.6. Task dependencies
2.7. Sub Task
2.8. Progress Tracking / Status
2.9. Notifications
2.10. Time tracking
3. Reporting
3.1. Status reports
3.2. Risk Reports
3.3. Executive Reports
3.4. Resource Reports
4. Project Financial Management
4.1. Budgeting
4.2. Payments / Billing
4.3. Integration with Accounting Systems
5. Other Features
5.1. Document Management
5.2. Portfolio Management
5.3. Mobile App

Project Management

Create New Project on MyCollab
Create a New Project

MyCollab is best used for Agile teams that need project management software to implement Scrum or Kanban methodologies. Phases and Tickets are the two main building blocks in MyCollab. You can use them to keep track of and organize your work. For example, to keep things organized, you can add Tickets to specific Phase. In addition, Tickets can be task, bug, or risk. Tickets also have powerful attributes which help you get your work done. These attributes include assignee, due dates, time estimate, status, etc.

Bug Tracking

Bug tracking system helps you manage your product quality with ease. It provides the standard tracking workflow and keeps you follow the progress of bugs status updates in the project activity stream and intuitive dashboard. But unfortunately, I can’t find the features that allow me to custom statuses and workflow. As a part of Tickets, bugs can be added to the specific phase. In the unit testing or maintenance phase, for instance.

Time Tracking

As a freelancer, I like to use MyCollab because this platform allows users to set hourly rates of each project and record work time. Then create invoices for requests and receipts for payment. In addition, you can see the effort distribution of your team, and attach the time tracking report to the invoice. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on all professional plan. That’s mean the feature is not free to use.

Customers Management

As mentioned above, MyCollab also provides Customers Management System. With this feature, you can keep your customers’ information, sales opportunities, contacts, leads or cases in one place. There is also a search tool and flexible customizable view option that helps you display your data per your needs.

Document Management

Keep your account documents in one place. With this feature, you can share documents to others, track files activity and search files. In Document Management menu, all files are shown either attached from Phases, Tickets or directly from document management feature. In addition, you can create folders to make your documents better organized.

User Experience

In our opinion, MyCollab is suitable for a software development project. That’s because the platform works very well in both traditional project management or Agile methodologies. Also, MyCollab is designed especially for software development project lifecycle. So this platform may not suitable for other project types because the tasks statuses and workflow can’t be customized.

What I don’t like about MyCollab is when creating a new ticket. Because the ticket is not automatically set to the specific project, even in the specific project page. Another disadvantage of MyCollab is a user guide. Until the time this article is written, quick help that I found in MyCollab does not work. For example, when you create a new Ticket, you will see a quick help icon (?) on each field which is not working.

Another feature that can be improved is the Time Tracking. In our opinion, it would be better if MyCollab added a timer feature to record working time. So users don’t need to manually record their work time.

And the last bad thing in my experience using MyCollab is about the User Settings feature. Be careful when you edit members of your project. That’s because the user role is empty by default, even though you have filled it out in the past. when you save the member’s data in the condition that the user role is empty, the account will just disappear. I think this issue is one of the bugs of MyCollab.

Customer Services & Support

Users can post on MyCollab support forum any question relates to the MyCollab open source product such as features, issues, or suggestions, etc. MyCollab also offers installation support through online documentation that can be accessed here.


In the cloud version, MyCollab has three pricing options — Start Up, Small Office, and Professional. Prices range between $19 and $99 per month. The main differences between the plans include the number of users, storage, and the number of projects.

On-premises version also has three pricing options — Open Source which totally free, Professional, and Ultimate. User accessibility, performance, and many advanced features are the key differences between them.

When you sign up in the cloud version, you are automatically enrolled in a free 30-day trial that gives you unrestricted access to all the great features MyCollab has to offer. During your free trial, you have the option to cancel at any time. When your trial ends, you can choose to remain on your current package, upgrade to another one with more users and storages, downgrade, or cancel.

Pros & Cons


MyCollab offers almost all the features required for efficient project management. It is suitable for businesses of any size and industry. Especially for software development teams.


A lot of features are still available only on Paid versions. As mentioned above, there are some bugs that I found until this article is written. Furthermore, MyCollab has no features to customize the ticket statuses and workflows.


MyCollab is one of agile project management software that provides almost all features required to implement Scrum and Kanban methodologies. It’s best used for software development teams but not flexible for ticket’s statuses or workflows customization.

As open source project management software, MyCollab is available for download for Windows, Linux, Unix, and MacOS. The latest version of MyCollab is 5.4.10 and the source code is available on GitHub. It is licensed under AGPLv3 and requires a Java runtime and MySQL stack to operate.

MyCollab Rating

Functionality 85/100
Flexibility 75/100
Usability 78/100
Pricing 80/100
Total Score 80/100

About MyCollab

MyCollab is a software company focus on providing online office tools for small and midsize company base on the SAAS model.

Their mission is to create the must online office tool for small and medium-size companies, low operation cost and high-quality customer service. Manage your customers, sales, marketings, project operations, documents in one place. They would love to make your life easier, happier, and make the world greener.

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