The Top 14 Free Project Management Software 2018

If you own your own company, or work for a small business, you know that project management is a task that often falls in your lap. It doesn’t matter what your degree or job title is- even large companies often assign tasks that require certain project management skills to employees at any level. Of course, any project management task is much easier to accomplish when you have the right tools. Through this post we try to highlight the features of some of the best free project management software. The list we’ve outlined here includes any project management solution with some free offering.

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Best Free Project Management Software

Openproject – Best Free Project Management Software for Small Business

Openproject - Free project management software

Openproject is a best free project management software which can be used not only for the comprehensive management of a project but also for its implementation. It is a powerful tool designed to record all activities related to corporate projects, and to make communication between users available (through comments to tasks, forums, wiki).

Open Project is equipped with tools to monitor the budget, time-consumption of a task/project, and timeline. Also, it has some functions related to the agile methodologies. It is worth mentioning that the system has an API enabling an easy integration with other software used by the company. You can download Openproject from their website.

Openproject Features

  • Gantt Charts and Timelines – With timeline project management you can schedule your tasks and visualize the required steps to complete your project. As a project manager you are directly informed about delays in your project and can act accordingly.
  • Product roadmap and release planning – OpenProject is the easiest way to plan, visualize, and communicate your product roadmap. Share your product roadmap with your stakeholders, get feedback about your ideas and break it down into a detailed release plan.
  • Task management and team collaboration – You can easily create, assign and manage your work. As a project manager you stay always on top of the latest development. Task management is equipped with tools to customize workflow, customize permissions, Integrated Gantt chart, and many other features.
  • Agile and Scrum – Agile teams have short development cycles. They iterate fast to build, measure and learn with each version. With fast user feedback they simply waste no time and can concentrate on building the right things. OpenProject is the perfect tool for agile teams that want to use agile methodologies such as Scrum.
  • Time tracking, cost reporting and budgeting – OpenProject time tracking software offers the easiest way to log time and project accounting (track costs and manage budgets).
  • Bug tracking – Quality assurance teams rely on fast issue tracking and clear communciation within the team and across departments. OpenProject excels at bug tracking, offering QA managers and testers a platform to capture, classify and prioritize bugs.
  • Unlimited Users


OpenProject supports German, English, Spanish, French, Italian Portuguese and many more. Users can access the Getting Started guide to learn more about Openproject.


  • User intefarce is really good, inline editing makes the creation and editing of tasks and other data really fast.
  • It is a free project management software that offers almost all the features required for an efficient project management.
  • Unlimited users and projects.


  • Install by your self
  • Support for the free/opensource version is bad

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Orangescrum – Free Project Management Software With Gantt Chart and Time Tracking

OrangeScrum, free project management software

Orangescrum is simple Free Project Management Software for small business that brings all your teams on a single platform with dedicated support in SaaS and open source versions.

It facilitates quick task management, time tracking and end to end project planning. With transparency and visibility to multiple projects helps to boost the team performance with helpful features such as – Kanban view, Gantt chart, In-App chat, time Log, resource management and invoicing.

Some Orangescrum Features

  • Project and Task Management
  • Resource Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Document Management
  • Unlimited users

Customer Service & Support

Orangesrum offer support via Google Community Support, FAQs, Installation Guide, or submit support request through their contact page.


  • OrangeScrum has a delightful blend of affordability and features.
  • Unlimited users and projects.
  • Great resource management.
  • Easy to use.


  • A lot of features are still available as pro elements / add-ons
  • Install by your self

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Bitrix24 – Free Project Management Software with Dependencies and CRM Software

Bitrix24, Free Project Management Software

Bitrix24 is a free project management software cloud based social intranet platform that makes corporate intranet easily available to smaller companies. It does not take any time to deploy (everything is already installed and set up) and doesn’t cost anything if it’s used by companies with fewer than 12 employees.

Bitrix24 is much more than just a project management tool – it’s a comprehensive collaboration platform that includes customer relationship management (CRM) and many other tools. Bitrix24 is one of the free project management software with mobile app.

Bitrix24 free version some key features

  • Unified Communications – Including enterprise social network; collaborate by email; instant messaging and group chat; videoconferencing; telephony and email connectors
  • Task and Project Management – Including unlimited task / subtasks; unlimited projects / workgroups; daily planner; task templates; time tracking / workload planning; check lists; gantt charts and task dependencies (Max 5)
  • Document Management – Including company drive (Bitrix24.Drive); online editing GoogleDocs / MS Office Online / Office 365, document search (incl. content); version history; document sharing and custom access rights
  • Planning, Reporting and Time Management – Including calendars (personal and shared); two way sync with IOS, Android, Google, Outlook calendars.
  • CRM and Sales Automation – Including lead and contact management; email marketing; sales automation; sales team management; invoicing, sales funnels and reports; IP-Telephony / Phonecall recording; import / export; booking and scheduling; bookable resources (6); integrated email accounts (12); business card scanner (12); CRM web forms (unlimited)
  • 12 users and 1 admin

Customer Service & Support

Users can click Support at the top of any page to access FAQs, trending topics, and a search box that will scour the knowledge base for helpful articles. If you can’t find your answer there, then you can click the Contact Bitrix24 Care Support Team button at the bottom of the page to submit a support ticket. You should expect a response within 16 hours unless you subscribe to the free plan, in which case it may take up to 32 hours. The website also offers free webinars, partner assistance, and a user forum.


  • Everything is already installed and set up
  • Free project management software with a lot of features. One platform for many solutions – CRM, project management, time management, and task management tool.
  • Available on android and IOS.


  • There are many complaints about their support services
  • User interface a bit complex
  • Very time consuming to learn

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Tuleap – Best Free Project Management Software for Developers

Tuleap - Free Project Management Software

Tuleap is a Open Source software for Application Lifecycle Management: Agile Development, V-model, Requirement Management, IT services. Tuleap is being used by big companies, innovative SME’s, FLOSS projects and Research Centers alike to make software projects more productive, collaborative and industrialized.

In our opinion, Tuleap is the best free Project Management Software to develop software. With tuleap, you can choose your preferred version control system, Git or SVN For each project.

Tuleap Features
  • Project Management – No two software development teams are alike. With Tuleap, teams of all kinds — agile ninjas, newbies, or waterfall-oriented — can work together under one roof, whatever their programming language.
  • Issue Tracking – Track any type of items: requirements, stories, tasks, bugs, requests, to-do’s, etc. You can use workflow templates or create your own, for each tracker and for each project. You can also set permissions on individual trackers or individual fields.
  • Continous Development – Choose your preferred version control system, Git or SVN for each project.
  • Document Management – One document area for each project team (Create, store, link and version documents)
  • Collaboration – Real-time collaboration with Mattermost connector. Keep your team in the loop with notifications delivered directly to Mattermost channel, an instant messaging service, Open source Slack-alternative.
  • Unlimited Users

Customer Service & Support

Tuleap’s knowledge base includes demo videos, articles, and documentation page on their website. Tuleap’s free plan only offered help via community forum.


  • Support Agile Project.
  • Unlimited users and projects.
  • One of the best free project management tools for software development with code versioning features.


  • Support for the free version is bad

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Redmine – Flexible Free Project Management Software

Redmine - Flexible Free Project Management Software

Redmine is an open source free project management software that can help you effectively keep track of projects within your group. This means that you can utilize the tool for free while making your own programming adjustments to further fit your needs. With a variety of plugins to choose from, your project can be managed with a full array of functionality.

Integrated with Gantt chart and calendar systems, you can create reports based on a variety of variables in order to give graphical representation to the data. Numbers can do a lot for a report depending on the project, but a chart provides a visual that is easy to understand.

Readmine Features

  • Multiple projects support
  • Flexible role based access control
  • Flexible issue tracking system
  • Gantt chart and calendar
  • News, documents & files management
  • Feeds & email notifications
  • Per project wiki
  • Per project forums
  • Time tracking
  • Custom fields for issues, time-entries, projects and users
  • SCM integration (SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial and Bazaar)
  • Issue creation via email
  • Multiple LDAP authentication support
  • User self-registration support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Multiple databases support

Redmine Integration

Redmine natively supports integration with different SCM-tools: SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar.

Customer Service & Support

Redmine’s support only available via community forums. However, redmine provides a complete guide to running applications, from software installation guides to the use of available features.


  • One of the best free project management tools for software development.
  • Unlimited users and projects.
  • Integration in code repositories.
  • Redmine is flexible project management software that can be customized to your needs.


  • Requires installation (Install by your self)
  • Redmine can be complicated to use for people with little technological knowledge as well as project management.
  • User interface is not really good.

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Taiga – Free Project Management Software with Kanban Board and Scrum Methodology

Taiga, free project management software

Taiga is a free project management software platform aimed at agile developers and designers. It is simple and intuitive tool that users can use without need for instruction or training. supports agile methodology that makes teams more responsive and software products – better and faster. This tool is written in Python and built on top of Django and AngularJS. It fits seamlessly within user’s workflow and can be easily customized to the needs of any team and business setting. was designed to be as accessible as possible and has Open Source license, so anyone can use the tool freely. It is downloadable app at

Taiga Free Version Features

  • Free plan limitation – Up to 3 members on private project; 1 Private project; Unlimited public projects; Up to 300MB of storage in private projects
  • Scrum – The product backlog is what will ultimately be delivered, ordered into the sequence in which it should be delivered. Product Backlogs are broken into manageable, executable chunks named sprints. Every certain amount of time the team initiates a new sprint and commits to deliver a certain number of user stories from the backlog, in accordance with their skills, abilities and resources. The project advances as the backlog becomes depleted.
  • Kanban – A kanban card is like an index card or post-it note that details every task (or user story) in a project that needs to be completed. The Kanban board is used to move each card from one state of completion to the next and in so doing, helps track progress.
  • Epics multiproject – Epics on Taiga open up a whole host of new planning opportunities for those of you managing multiple projects with relationships between them. With Epics you can establish and track hierarchical or related relationships between user stories on different projects.
  • Multiplatform importers – You have a lot of projects in another platform but you’ll love to manage them in Taiga? Never fear, we have your back. Use Taiga importers to bring your Trello, Jira, Asana, Github into Taiga and see just how much more gorgeous they look.
  • Integrations: Webhooks, GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket Integration, Gogs integration

Customer Service & Support

Support is offered via FAQs, support pages, and community support.


  • Support Agile project management
  • Easy to use.
  • Integration in code repositories like GitHub and GitLab.
  • Everything is already installed and set up on their online versions.


  • Taiga is not optimized for mobile devices.
  • No gantt chart and time tracking features.
  • Limited only 3 members.

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Freedcamp – Free Project Management Software for Personal Use and Business Users

Freedcamp free project management software

Freedcamp is an easy-to-use free project management software. Freedcamp is cloud based, you can be up and running with your first project in less than a minute, from creating an account to setting up your task lists. Freedcamp offers various visualization tools for your projects: taaks and schedules can be organized like grocery lists or displayed like sticky notes stuck to a fridge. The choice is yours. The set up looks deceptively easy to use, and it is. Freedcamp is one of the free project management software with mobile app.

Freedcamp free version features

  • Kanban board
    The modern way to manage tasks by dragging into completion columns
  • Task List
  • Subtask
  • 10MB file upload size
  • Shared file management
  • Discussion boards
  • Calendar
  • Time Tracking
  • Team Milestones
  • Messaging board
  • Passwords Manager
  • Personal Task Manager
  • Subtasks
  • Unlimited users, projects, and storage

Customer Service & Support

Users can watch basic and advanced Webinars to learn more about freedcamp. Freedcamp offer support through the feedback portal, contact form, or by email to The main differences of support between the available plans is a response time. The free plans offers support response time within 3 days.


  • Everything is already installed and set up,
  • Unlimited users and projects.
  • With SubTask features, each project can be divided into task groups, which allows for a better separation of goals.
  • Great user intefarce and easy to use.
  • Helpful personal dashboard to view all of the projects that relate to users specifically.
  • Available on android and IOS.


  • Basic features, no reporting tools, no gantt chart.

Visit Freecamp

Best Free Task Management Software

Trello – Best Free Task Management Software

Trello - Free Project Management Software
click to enlarge

Trello is basically a free project management software, available on the desktop web and in mobile app format, that lets you manage projects and collaborate with other uses in a very visual way. It’s “like a whiteboard with super powers,” according to the developers.

Trello Free Version Features

  • Unlimited boards, lists, cards, members, checklists, and attachments.
    A board represents a project. Boards are what you’ll use to organize and keep track of all your the ideas and individual tasks that make up that project via “cards.” You or your teammates can add as many cards to a board as necessary, referred to as “lists.”
  • Attachment
    Attach files up to 10MB from your computer, or link any file from your Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive.

Trello Free Version Integration

Trello free version features include one Power-Ups per board which connect Trello to services like Google Drive, Evernote, GitHub, SalesForce, Planyway Calendar (with gantt chart), and many more.

Customer Service & Support

Trello’s knowledge base includes articles categorized by topic. In addition, users can access the Getting Started guide and Trello’s training webinar to learn more about Trello. The Trello community is another resource where users can get advice and ideas from other Trello users.


  • Everything is already installed and set up,
  • Unlimited users and projects.
  • Great user interface, very visual, and easy to use.
  • Can be integrated with various applications, but only limited to 1 integration in the free version.
  • Available on android and IOS.


  • Light on features. No real reporting tools. No Gantt charts, and time-tracking features. However, with Power-Ups you can integrate trello to other gantt chart or time tracking software.

Visit Trello

Odoo – Free Task Management Software Integrated with Other Apps on ERP System

odoo - free task management system
click to enlarge

Odoo, formerly OpenERP, is dedicated to using an open source business model. Odoo is not just a standard free project management software – it encompasses sales and project management in a single tool, and enriches them with a variety of MRP, POS, and e-commerce functions to deliver a universal solution that can help all businesses manage all types of operations.

One of the biggest advantages of Odoo ERP system is its modular design, that allows to install additional modules and extend existing features. Thus, your system can grow aside your business. Odoo is available in 2 version: Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community (Free Versions).

Customer Service & Support

Odoo Community Version (free version) only offers support via documentation page and forum.


  • Online version available. Everything is already installed and set up.
  • Integrated with other Odoo’s apps like CRM, Human Resources, Accounting, and many more.


  • Very basic feature.
  • Support for the free/opensource version is bad.

Visit Odoo

Asana – Free Project Management Software with Mobile App

asana - free project management software
click to enlarge

Asana is a free project management software with mobile app to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. Asana is a universal solution for project and task management, which will automate some of your communication and collaboration tasks. Satisfied companies praise it for accuracy and time-effectiveness, and are particularly satisfied by tracking tasks, and discussing them real time. Trello is available

Asana Free Version Features

  • Unlimited Project, Task, and Conversations
  • 3 Basic Project Reports on Dashboard
  • Up to 15 team members

Asana Free Version Integration

  • Google  Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • OneDrive

Customer Service & Support

Asana offers the following options for customer support:

  • Email Support – Specific concerns and questions that can’t be answered from the FAQs can be addressed directly to Asana through its customer support page. Queries are generally responded to within 24 hours.
  • Asana Guide – Asana’s website includes a dedicated guide for users to gain knowledge about features and best practices, see video tutorials, learn tips and browse other bits of relevant information.


  • Unlimited Project, Task, and Conversations
  • Everything is already installed and set up.
  • Integrated with cloud storage like Google Drive, Drobox, Box, and OneDrive.
  • Available on android and IOS.


  • Very basic task management feature.

Visit Asana

Hitask – Best Free Personal Task Management Software

Hitask - Free Project Management Software
click to enlarge

HiTask is a free online project management software that allows you to track your own personal to-do list or to manage team projects in a fun and user-friendly environment. A calendar on the left-hand sidebar provides a quick way to see upcoming events and makes it easy to reschedule events to different times and days in the agenda view below. Hitask is available on the desktop web and in mobile app format (Android / IOS)

Hitask Free Version Features

  • Free for up to 5 users
  • Unlimited Tasks and Projects
  • Shared Task Lists, Projects and Calendars
  • Calendar Sync with Google, Outlook
  • 0.5 GB of File Storage per Team

Hitask Integration

  • Google Calendar
  • Calendar apps, iCalendar, iOS calendar
  • Outlook

Customer Service & Support

Users can click Support at the top of any page to start conversation with their customer service and access a search box that will scour the knowledge base for helpful articles.


  • Unlimited Project and Task.
  • Everything is already installed and set up.
  • Integrated with other Calendar app like Google Calendar, IOS Calendar, and outlook.
  • Available on android and IOS.


  • Very basic task management features.
  • Limited to only 5 users.

Visit Hitask – Free Task Management Software with Calendar - Free Project Management Software
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Easynote is a free project management software with powerful features including file sharing, message boards and calendar reminders Easynote keeps it’s users and simplicity at it’s core. With simple and intuitive layouts it is as useful for shopping lists as it is for a multi-user project. You can delegate tasks and set clear deadlines with reminders for your project team.

Easynote Free Version Features

  • Task Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Unlimited Users
  • Sub Task
  • Activity
  • Comments
  • Statistics
  • Urgency

Customer Service & Support

Users can refer to Easynote’s knowledge base to learn how to use it. To get support from Easynote, you can go to the website and contact Easynote’s customer support to help you with any issues.


  • Unlimited users, projects, and tasks.
  • Everything is already installed and set up.
  • With SubTask features, each project can be divided into task groups, which allows for a better separation of goals.
  • It’s pretty easy and intuitive to use


  • Mobile version not available


MeisterTask – Agile, Smart, and Visualizing Application

Meistertask - Simple Agile Project Management Software
click to enlarge

Meistertask is a agile, smart, and visualizing application that provides features for a more intuitive task management. At the project planning stage it can be integrated with the web-based mind-mapping application MindMeister. Users can then easily transition mapped tasks to Meistertask by simply dragging and dropping them into the project.

Meistertasks is accessible across all browsers, devices and operating systems, making collaboration easy and efficient.

MeisterTask’s free Basic plan features

  • Unlimited number of projects, tasks and project members
  • Two integration instances (e.g. 1 Slack & 1 Zendesk project or 2 Slack projects)
  • Checklists, comments, tags, time tracking
  • File attachments (up to 20MB)

Customer Service & Support

MeisterTask’s knowledge base includes articles categorized by topic (FAQ, The Tool, Project Workflow, Business Use Cases, Education Use Cases, and The MindMeister Integration) to help users learn more about MeisterTasks.


  • Unlimited number of projects, tasks and project members.
  • Everything is already installed and set up.
  • Two integration instances (e.g. 1 Slack & 1 Zendesk project or 2 Slack projects)
  • Intuitive task management
  • Great user interface and easy to use.
  • Available on android and IOS.


  • Very basic feature.

Visit Meistertask

Redbooth – Free Simple Project Management Software

Redbooth - Simple Task and Project Management Software
click to enlarge

Redbooth is a simple project management software that focuses on improving efficiency for teams with advanced collaborative resources. Redbooth offers a robust feature set, while staying simple and easy on the eyes. The software provides a single place for team collaboration tasks, discussions and file sharing. One thing that clients may find very attractive is it conferencing feature that has allows high definition video conferencing for online meetings and presentations.

Redbooth offers both cloud-based and on-premise services. The Redbooth web application works best with the most updated versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Redbooth also available on Android and IOS device.

Redbooth Free Plan Features

  • Up to 2 users
  • 2 GB storage space
  • Assign users & due dates
  • Exportable Gantt Charts
  • Task Overview
  • Conversations

Customer Service & Support

Redbooth has a very good customer support system set up, especially when it comes to the variety (and quality) of educational material available online. Redbooth has provided users with several very good pre-recorded tutorials and webinars. In addition, users can access  the knowledge base that contains a series of written tutorials to help you answer simple questions, navigate Redbooth’s many features, and troubleshoot some of the more common problems.

For questions that cannot be answered easily by online support material, or for those of you who simply prefer a more personal touch when solving problems, assistance is always available by emailing them. As a rule, Redbooth strives to answer questions within 24 hours, but it’s typically much quicker than that (Business users are given priority).


  • Everything is already installed and set up.
  • It ties communication tools (chat) with task management
  • Good customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Available on android and IOS.


  • Limited to 2 users.
  • Very basic feature.

Visit Redbooth

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    That’s a very useful article, thank you! My personal favorite project management software is . It’s so easy to use and helps me organize my work so well! I don’t need more than 2 boards and I rarely need to share them with more than one other person, so the free version is more than enough for me.

    • August 26, 2018 at 7:48 am

      The free versions of Kanbantool are offered with very limited functionality and numbers of users, only 2 boards and 2 users.


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