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CoConstruct is a web-based construction project management software designed to meet the specific operating needs of clients, builders, and design-build firms. It  is a cloud-hosted and maintenance-free application, open for integration and mobile usage.


With three well-formulated functionality modules (coordinate, communicate, and control), CoConstruct helps builders and remodelers face common challenges related to their projects, be that budgeting, bidding process, client communication, scheduling, or activity planning. It is a flexible system that helps companies make the right selections, and works well for standardized and custom projects.

1. Communication

Features: Lead & Contact Tracking, Specs. & Selections, Proposals, Client & Sub Portal, Client & Sub Messaging, Bidding, Change Orders, Share Files & Photos, Custom Branding, Mobile App.

CoConstruct is a great program to manage a project from the first lead contact to the Final inspection. It is going to help you to manage bids, leads, proposals before the project starts.

With Co-construct, all of the communication between clients, trader, and the builder is recorded in one location. Whether you’re looking at a Change Order, a To-Do item, or the schedule, there is always a section to record messages between partners specific to that item.

One of the other great features is it’s notifications, so even if you aren’t going to be logging in to Co-construct all of the time, you can set it up so that it notifies you of new messages or changes via text or email, you can reply directly to that text or email, and your response is recorded on the same message thread on Co-construct.

2. Project Coordination

Features: Scheduling, To-dos, Punchlist & Warranty, Spec. & Selections, Share Files & Photos, Bidding, Job Log, Time Clock.

Managing projects and tasks will be easy using the system’s drag-and-drop mechanism. All tasks and action items will be displayed on a single list, completely open for adjustment, and fully accountable for future reporting processes.

CoConstruct Schedulling Software
Schedulling – click to enlarge

A home is essentially thousands of pieces of material all assembled together into one unit. On top of that, there are many different way to construct certain pieces of a home that it can be daunting to record all of the information in detail and remember it all. In Co-construct, the specifications recorded in your estimate can be automatically turned into a specification addendum to your contract, complete with finishing allowances.

Coconstruct's spec & selections
Spec & Selections

As a client using Co-construct, your main page will be tracking your selections for finishing. The builder will input your allowance amount and when the selection needs to be made. It’s easy for the builder to upload quotes, or plans, or details into the selections. Once you review and approve, your selections is recorded for all builders and trade partners to see.

This software also provides warranty management features that allow you to to track every deficiency with a photo, description, an assigning the task to a trade partner or builder employee right on the spot. Instant notifications makes everyone aware of what needs to be corrected and by what day. Homeowners can keep their Co-construct login information to access all of their home building information whenever they need to, or make a warranty claim.

3. Financial Control

Features: Estimates, Proposals, Bidding, Budget & Forecasting, Change Orders, Time clock, Quickbooks Integration

CoConstruct offers a seamless integration with QuickBooks, which means you will easily relate your project costs to planned and up-to-date spending. Your invoices will become clearer and more consistent, with no recurrent costs or hidden fees your client should worry about.

Another thing CoConstruct is really good at is budgeting and forecasting project costs, as once you set specs and selections, your budget values and cost codes are automatically generated. Each time an adjustment is made to your selection list, it becomes visible in the budget as well, and you don’t have to change anything manually. Summarized cost information beginning with latest expenditures will always be available to your colleagues and clients.


CoConstruct works with QuickBooks US Desktop and worldwide with QuickBooks Online.

Mobile App

This construction software is open to use by field agents who control work while happening (both from Android and iOS devices). The mobile apps are also designed for clients, in which case you’re invited to make them brand-specific, and include your own logo, image, and contact information.


The subscription includes a dedicated implementation coach, custom branding to match the builder’s website, phone and online support, unlimited ongoing training, and options to attend an in-person, 2-day training sessions with other CoConstruct users.


Depending on your business’s needs and requirements, you can purchase the basic $99 CoConstruct package and with a 90-Day Money-back Guarantee, or ask the vendor to offer a quote-based enterprise pricing plan. There is also a free demo available that will guide you through all the software’s key features.


CoConstruct keeps the selections process simple, fun, and flexible for both team members and clients. In CoConstruct, you can keep all information for each project in one place, including contracts, specifications, variations and all communication. This product integrates various aspects of a construction project to eliminate double entry of information.


CoConstruct may little expensive for smaller jobs. It has so many features that may not be applicable to everyone. You have to figure out what will and will not work for you company.


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