Bitrix24 Project Management Review: Overview, Features & Pricing

Our Score: 89/100

Bitrix24 is a collaboration platform that provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication, and management tools for your team, including CRM, files sharing, project management, calendars, and more. Bitrix24 is available in the cloud and on-premise.

As project management software, Bitrix24 offers almost all the features required for efficient project management. And the best part of it, Bitrix24 has a free plan that allows up to 12 users collaborate to use this software for free with access to almost all features that Bitrix24 have to offer. It makes Bitrix24 become the best free project management software.

Bitrix24 Overview

Table of contents

Key Features

Bitrix24 is one of the feature-rich project management software even in their free version. The features include project planning and scheduling, task management, time tracking, team collaboration, document management, resource & workload management, and more. It also provides several communication features such as social networks, chat/IM, and video conferencing.

Features Availability
1. Project Planning & Scheduling
1.1. Setting priorities and deadlines
1.2. Resources & Workload Management
1.3. Support Agile Methodologies
1.4. Gantt Chart
1.5. Project Templates
1.6. Intake / Request Forms
2. Task Management
2.1. Assigning tasks to team members
2.2. Attach files to the task
2.3. Comments on task
2.4. Custom status
2.5. Custom workflows
2.6. Task dependencies
2.7. Sub Task
2.8. Progress Tracking / Status
2.9. Notifications
2.10. Time tracking
3. Reporting
3.1. Status reports
3.2. Risk Reports
3.3. Executive Reports
3.4. Resource Reports
4. Project Financial Management
4.1. Budgeting
4.2. Payments / Billing
4.3. Integration with Accounting Systems
5. Other Features
5.1. Document Management
5.2. Portfolio Management
5.3. Mobile App

Task & Project Management

Bitrix24 - Task Management
Task Management

Project management starts with tasks and in Bitrix24 tasks come in different shapes and sizes. Personal tasks, group tasks, subtasks, repeating tasks, task templates and so on. Tasks and subtasks you can delegate them to another person, if necessary. Checklists and workflow automation guarantee that nothing will be overlooked or forgotten.

Projects and tasks in Bitrix24 are unlimited, even in the free version. It’s come with Gantt charts and employee workload planning, which lets you allocate a specific number of hours and employees to a project and track time spent on it. There are different roles in Bitrix24 when it comes to projects, as you may control task set by you, assist someone or simply be an observer for a task that you neither set nor is responsible for completing. Task counters show your project progress and if you are in danger of falling behind the deadline.

Project collaboration

Bitrix24 Activity Stream
Activity Stream

Projects involve many people and you need collaboration tools that work for your co-workers and external users, such as clients or contractors. With Bitrix24, you can create an online meeting or a workgroup discussion. “Activity Stream” menu in Bitrix24 is really like your own private social network, in there you can create a post, attach video, record video, add comments, likes, tags, mentions, and create polls.

Like scheduling software, Bitrix24 allows you to schedule events such as meetings, consulting session, or presentation of project progress through the Bitrix24’s Calendar or Activity Stream menu. You can select event participants, and have an option to repeat event frequency – daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. You can also activate option Notify when attendees confirm or decline the invitation.

Document Management

Bitrix24 provides document management module that comes with file sharing, cross-device document synchronization, online and offline editing options, versioning, and even your own file server, called Bitrix24.Drive. In Bitrix24 you are able to attach your files to the task, message, event, and poll.

Client Management

If you are looking for a project management solution in order to handle projects for your clients, Bitrix24 provides Customers Relationship Management software that fully integrated with the project management module. With Bitrix24, you can create tasks right from inside your CRM, create a quote for a prospect, or send an invoice to a client in order to bill them for the hours of completed work.


Bitrix24 can be integrated with online cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. You can attach files from your online cloud storage to the task, message, event, and poll. It also can be integrated with others project management platforms such as JIRA, task management platforms such as Evernote and Time Doctor, accounting software such as Quickbooks, Xero, and Freshbooks. See all integration

Mobile App

Bitrix24’s mobile application functions as a mobile intranet portal, mobile CRM and a mobile HRMS system. Once you install the Bitrix24 app on your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be able to work on the road, in a bar, or any place where there’s an internet connection available. Both iOS and Android devices are supported.

With the Bitrix24 app, you can create new tasks and work with existing ones right from your mobile device. If you have a long list of tasks, you can use filters to sort the ones that require your immediate attention. Liking, delegating, deferring, approving, completing and pausing tasks, as well as viewing documents attached to tasks, can be done from your mobile.

Tasks are separated according to the project group with which they are associated. New, overdue, and tasks awaiting your reaction can be accessed with one tap.

Bitrix24 Apps on Google Play Bitrix24 Apps on App Store

User Experience

I try the free version of Bitrix24 that allows me to use almost all features that they have to offer. I found some interesting features in Bitrix24 which are rarely found in other project management software. At the same time, I also found that Bitrix24 has a less flexible workflow feature which is one of the most important things in project management.

A workflow consists of four elements: users, tasks, results, and status. In Bitrix24, you are not able to customize status or create a new one, and also you are not able to give permission to the specific user to change the status of the task. It just gives you an option to sent the task to task’s author for review after the task has been completed by the designated employee.

The interesting feature that I found in Bitrix24 is Automation Rules that can help you automate your workflow and help you increase efficiency in working on large projects and tasks. For example, you can send a message to the employee when the task is almost overdue, or you can automatically create a new task after the task is completed. With this feature, you can also move the task to the specific stage when the status of the task has been changed.

I also like the Activity Stream feature that allows me to open discussion, create an announcement, or schedule events. As we know, discussion between project members is one of the most important things in project management. With this feature, I am able to create online meetings with my clients or team members and it’s fully recorded in the systems.

Gantt Chart, Planner, and Kanban View

Bitrix24 - Gantt Chart View
Gantt Chart View

Bitrix24 provides a Gantt Chart view to track project schedules. Each activity is represented by a bar; the position and length of the bar reflect the start date, end date and deadline of the task. You can edit, delete, and view the task,  add deadline for each task, or create subtask directly from the Gantt chart. But the Gantt chart color cannot be customized such as to make different color between actual time vs planned time. There is also does not show responsible person for each bar. You must move your mouse cursor over the bar to see who are responsible for the task.

Task Planner is a tool that each user (who have access to tasks) can find under Tasks section. It is your personal task management that you can configure & use the way you want. But, you can also see your colleague’s Task Planner board (provided you have enough permissions). You can add a new task at the colleague’s Planner – in this case, the Planner owner will be assigned as the task’s responsible person by default.

Unlike Task Planner, Kanban in Bitrix24 is created especially for projects (workgroups). In Kanban view, you are able to create custom stages suitable for each particular project – stages number, names, colors & order are fully customizable. There is also has easy navigation to reorder or move project tasks to the different stage with scroll, drag & drop. In addition, you can use Automation Rules to automatically move project tasks to a different stage when the status of the task has been changed.


Bitrix24 has the most flexible reporting feature that can be customized as you want to fit your needs. To customize the current default report, you need to copy it first and then you can customize column, filters, report period, and show chart on the report copy. Or, you can create a new report with the tool provided by Bitrix24, called “Report Wizard”.

The reporting feature in Bitrix24 is not available in the Workgroup/Project page, you must go to the “Task” menu that contains tasks list of all projects to access the reports. Though each task report can be filtered based on the workgroup/project. It would be better if Bitrix24 give users a simple way to access the reporting feature through the workgroup/project page such as add “Reports” menu in it.

Customer Service & Support

Bitrix24 provides a knowledge base through helpdesk, webinars, and how-to videos to help users learn about how to use the platform. The helpdesk menu can be found on the top right in every page. If you can’t find your answer there, you can contact the Bitrix24 Support Team by submitting a support ticket. Bitrix24 also offers free partner assistance and a user forum.


Bitrix24 has a free subscription option and three paid plans: Plus ($69/month) for 6 users, Standard ($99.90/month) for 50 users, and Professional ($199/month) for unlimited users. The main differences between the plans include the number of users, online storage capacity, number of task dependencies, and the availability of some features such as custom fields in tasks, template sharing, and restore deleted tasks.

Bitrix24 also give 15% discount for the following organizations: Academic institutions, Civic groups (including political groups), Non-profits, Faith-based organizations (including churches and charities), Healthcare industry, Government agencies (municipal, county, state or federal), and Labor organizations.

Pros and Cons


Bitrix24 offers almost all features that required for project management and fully integrated with CRM systems. The Activity Stream menu is very helpful for better team collaboration. And the best part of it is their free plan that gives you almost all the features that they have to offer.


As mentioned above, Bitrix24 has a less flexible workflow feature which is one of the most important things in project management. And I think the user interface a bit complex.


Bitrix24 is really like a place where all of your business communication and information is neatly collected, easily managed, and accessible at any time. In our opinion, Bitrix24 is the best free project management software and it’s suitable for project management that not requires a complex workflow.

Furthermore, it also the best choice for you who are looking for project management software that fully integrated with CRM system to make a better relationship with your customers. With Bitrix24, you can also invite your customers as an external user on each project that related to them. In this way, you can receive continuous feedback from your customers on every task or create an open discussion with customers about the project.

Bitrix24 Rating

Functionality 75/100
Flexibility 95/100
Usability 86/100
Pricing 100/100
Total Score 89/100

About Bitrix, Inc.

Bitrix, Inc. develops and licenses Website and Web content management solutions to Fortune companies and small and medium-sized businesses in various industries worldwide. Its products include Bitrix Intranet, an Intranet solution designed for collaboration, communication, social networking, workflow, and knowledge management; Bitrix Site Manager, a Website management, e-commerce, and e-marketing solution for corporate portals, online stores, community sites, and news services; and Bitrix .NET Forge, a Web application development framework that provides tools for creating Web-based business applications.

The company also offers Bitrix24, a cloud-based free social Intranet service; and Bitrix Virtual Appliance, a free application that allows Bitrix Intranet and Bitrix Site Manager to be run in a pre-configured virtual environment. It markets its software solutions through a network of partners and its online store.

Bitrix, Inc. was founded in 1998 and is based in Alexandria, Virginia with sales offices in Moscow, Russian Federation; and Kiev, Ukraine. It also has a research and development facility in Kaliningrad, Russian Federation. (Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence)

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