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Our Score: 90/100

Appointy is an advanced web-based scheduling software tool which allows you to manage your clients and market your services by speeding up your word-of-mouth publicity. The platform enables users to schedule appointments, classes, workshops, events, tours, rides, and activities; and provides inbuilt marketing tools for businesses, including Email marketing, deals and discounts, and social promotion.

This software is one of the best scheduling software that helps businesses to grow exponentially using social networking channels like Facebook, Twitter or Emails. You can think of Appointy as the e-commerce system for service industry like Spas, Salons, Doctors, Dentists etc. Appointy works for almost any business accepting appointments over the phone.

Appointy Overview

Table of contents

Key Features

In my opinion, Appointy has the most features required by service-based businesses such as online booking page, online payment, marketing features, and resources management. As clients, Appointy provides simple booking page that makes clients easily booking an appointment.

Features Availability
1. Calendar / Scheduling
1.1. Schedule Staff
1.2. Blocking Times
1.3. Sync-2-way
2. Appointments / Services
2.1. Individual Appointment
2.2. Schedule Class, Group, or Event
2.3. Make a recurring appointment
2.4. Reschedule or Cancel Appointments
2.5. Set up appointment rules
2.6. Linking a service to Certain Staff
2.7. Additional Service / Add-Ons
2.8. Service Package
2.9. Email Reminder
2.10. SMS Reminder
3. Booking Page
3.1. Embed to business website
3.2. Login account for customers
3.3. Choosing Staff
3.4. Make a recurring appointment
3.5. Sync to calendar platform
4. Marketing
4.1. Gift Certificate
4.2. Discount coupons
4.3. Special Offers
(ex: Buy one get one)
4.4. Email Marketing
4.5. Membership / Subscriptions
5. Reporting
5.1. Appointments report
5.2. Customers report
5.3. Sales report
5.4. Staff report
6. Integration
6.1. Calendar Platform
6.2. Google Listing
6.3. Accounting Systems
6.4. Video meeting platform
6.5. Payment Systems
6.6. API

Online Booking Page

Appointy booking page
Select time in the online booking page

Appointy gives you all feature you need to run your service-based businesses. It provides simple online booking page that can be integrated seamlessly with your own website (including WordPress). The online booking page allows clients to create appointments by themselves. When booking an appointment, clients are able to choose a service, staff, and time that they want.

Appointy Booking confirmation page
Booking confirmation page

In the booking confirmation page, clients are able to use a coupon to get a special price or pay with a gift certificate that both of it is given by you. After booking appointment is confirmed, clients are able to sync their appointment schedule with Outlook, Google and iCal.

Appointy also has the ability to send reminders via SMS or automated call to keep clients prompt. Make sure that your setting is set to send SMS/Call Alerts to your customer (Requires the purchase of SMS Credits).

As a business owner, you are able to approve booking automatically or manually. Below is a feature for you as a business owner to handle booking appointments.

Appointy - Manage booking appointments
Manage booking appointments
  • Add payment – Appointy let you change the price, add additional charges, and discount for each booking. It also allows you to redeem gift certificate as a payment.
  • Reschedule or cancel appointment
  • Send message to client’s email
  • Add appointment note
  • Request a review from clients.
  • Create intake forms that give you the ability to ask your customers specific questions at the time of booking an appointment.
  • Add Add-ons that a customer can select with the service.
  • Linking a service to resources such as rooms, tennis courts, massage chairs, lenses, etc that are reserved for services when customers book appointments.
  • Add service dependency.


Appointy provides an interactive calendar that can be sync with Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook Calendar. It let you create an appointment through the calendar. You can also view the calendar daily, weekly, monthly, and view the schedules of all your staff in one day.


Appointy Dashboard View
Appointy Dashboard View

In the dashboard page, you can track your business growth and metrics. You also be able to view current appointments, estimated sales, new customers, and satisfaction.


In Appointy you can run a number of different reports:

  • Appointment Reports – For these reports, you can choose certain time frames or opt for a specific date.  Plus, you can customize fields on the reports to fit your need. With this reports, you are able to see paid, unpaid, or canceled appointments, and many more.
  • Sales Reports – A sales report gives an overview of the state of the sales activities in your business and reports the total revenue generated from appointments and add-ons.
  • Customer Reports – This report shows the list of your current customers.
  • Alert Reports – This report contains the history of SMS alerts sent by Appointy.
  • SMS Reports – Contains the history of all SMS sent by Appointy.
  • Credit Charge Reports
  • Tips Reports – If you let clients tip while paying, this creates a list of tips from appointments scheduled on each calendar.


Appointy is one of the best appointment scheduling software for marketers because it combines appointment scheduling with excellent built-in marketing features. Appointy is rich in promotional features such as built-in email and text marketing, and it integrates with social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. For instance, you can gather customer information and deploy marketing campaign emails and even post special promotions directly to Facebook and Twitter.

  • Gift Certificate – Gift certificates can be purchased online on the customer booking interface only after a payment gateway has been added. If you do not have a payment gateway added, you can only sell gift certificates from the admin interface. Gift certificates can be redeemed online at the time of booking, or in person at the time of availing the service.
  • Discount Coupons – Appointy let you create a “Discount Coupon” to offer a discounted price on any service to your customers. Your clients can input this discount coupon code during the booking process. You can promote these “Discount Coupons” on Facebook, Twitter, or via Email. You also be able to offer an “Add-On” service instead of a discounted price.
  • Offers – Instead of giving a discount on the price, you can offer extra services as an add-on. For example, you can offer “100% Free Delivery” or “Free Welcome Drink”. It works like discount coupons and is only applicable to customers using the offer code while booking an appointment. Like “Discount Coupons”, these can also be promoted on Facebook, Twitter or via Email.


Appointy can be integrated with many others apps to deliver high functionality & increase productivity. Acuity scheduling software offers payment processing facility that you can use to receive payments from clients when they book their appointments or schedule payments, which clients can pay online via Stripe or Square.

It also can be integrated with Facebook, cross-platform calendars such as Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook, and Analytics platforms such as Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

In my opinion, the best part of the integration features is that Appointy provides free integration with Google that enables customers to find and book your business directly on widely used Google platforms such as Google search, Google Maps, and also the Reserve with Google website.

Mobile App

Appointy offers a mobile app that can be downloaded at PlayStore (for Android Phone) and AppStore (for IOS phone).

Appointy Apps on Google Play Appointy Apps on App Store

User Experience

Create A Service

Create a new service is available on the left menu. When you use it, you will see a simple form that contains only general information fields includes service category, service name, duration, price, and description. To set a service schedule, adding add-on, or linking a service to resources, you must go to the “Setting” menu. It makes creating a new service requires one more step than if a service and everything that related to it is available on the same page, and maybe take a more time to learn or find about how to use it.

When you set a service schedule, you must fill each staff schedule that you want to be available for the service. And you must fill a daily schedule for each day within a week, even if every day has the same daily schedule. I think it would be better if Appointy provides a feature that let users set start time and end time once for each day within a week.

In the service settings, there is a “dependency” feature that I don’t understand how its work and I can’t find the answer in the Appointy’s help center page.


When I looking for integration feature, I had difficulty to find it. Actually, the feature is available on the left menu, but it’s not visible because the limitations of my browser height and the menu area need to be scrolled down to find it. Unfortunately, I am not aware of the scrollbar in the left menu because the scrollbar is seen as a border.

Overall, Appointy has a nice modern web design but it’s not really easy to create a service and everything that related to it.

Customer Services and Support

Users can submit support request directly through Appointy’s help center or by live chat. The help page also contains a knowledge base and a search bar to find the specific information and support you need. In addition, customers can access Appointy Community for additional resources, such as product guidelines, get information on new features, and communicate with other customers.


Appointy Pricing

Appointy offers one free plan and three paid subscription plans, billed annually: Growth ($19.99/month), Professional ($49.99/month), and Enterprise ($79.99/month). The main differences between the plans are the number of appointments per month, number of staff access, and other additional features, such as customization, online marketing tools, multiple location support, and more.

Pros and Cons


Overall, this online schedule maker is an intuitive platform with most of the features necessary for business scheduling systems. As we mentioned above, the best part of Appointy as Appointment Scheduling Software is the ability to integrate with Google platform that allows your customers to find and book your business directly on widely used Google platforms such as Google search, Google Maps, and also the Reserve with Google website.


Appointy doesn’t merge with accounting software, so you’ll have to handle payment information separately.

Unlike Acuity Scheduling Software, Appointy has no features that give customers the option of adding themselves to a waitlist, if the calendar is full and a day and time they desire is already booked. You are also not able to create a service package.


Appointy is a simple yet functional online scheduling software for small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises. Overall, Appointy is a valuable tool for companies to use. This booking app has a strong social media connection and allows companies to customize this scheduling tool to fit their needs. Appointy is a powerful tool that helps companies stay organized, find and maintain clients, and eliminate the trouble of scheduling appointments.

In our opinion, with the ability to integrate with Google platform that allows your customers to find and book your business directly on widely used Google platforms such as Google search, Google Maps, and Reserve with Google website, Appointy is the best choice for service-based businesses that operate in the tourist attraction.

Appointy is also the best choice for you who looking for Appointment Scheduling Software and Booking App with complete marketing tools.

It also a good choice for a service-based business that needs a flexible booking program for their customers especially for making a recurring appointment and group booking, such as fitness classes, yoga classes, etc.

Appointy Rating

Functionality 94/100
Flexibility 92/100
Usability 95/100
Pricing 80/100
Total Score 90/100

About Appointy Software, Inc.

Appointy, an online scheduling software, was founded by Nemesh Singh in 2006. Appointy is an advanced web-based scheduling software tool that works on .NET & MSSql. Appointy allows users to manage their clients and market their services. It can be used by any business accepting appointments over the phone.

The company serves health and wellness, education, medicine, fitness and recreation, salon and beauty, professional services, other services, and government markets in the United States and internationally.

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