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Our Score: 84/100

Trusted by 40,000+ independent practitioners, tutors, coaches & small businesses, 10to8 is one of the most popular appointment scheduling software. The platform has the ability to automatically send custom SMS & email reminders to cut no-shows, track client notes and attendance history, let clients book your free slots, take payments with Paypal or Stripe and sync 2-way with Google Calendar.

You also get a customizable online booking page, which will enable customers to easily book the services that you offer. From your online booking page, customers will only be able to book your free slots, therefore, you can say goodbye telephone ping pong.

With 10to8 scheduling software, you have access to a full suite of scheduling features that can greatly simplify and streamline how you manage your schedule and how you coordinate with your clients. Whether you need 24/7 appointment booking options and calendar synchronization tools or reminder automation features and client management capabilities, this software has your needs covered.

10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software Overview

Table of contents

Key Features

10to8 delivers a solid set of features that help you communicate with clients more efficiently and with transparency. The most notable standouts are integrations with many calendar systems, built-in email, survey, and social media promotion tools, plus a handy instant chat feature. This is a nice perk that adds a personal touch to your services.

Features Availability
1. Calendar / Scheduling
1.1. Schedule Staff
1.2. Blocking Times
1.3. Sync-2-way
2. Appointments / Services
2.1. Individual Appointment
2.2. Schedule Class, Group, or Event
2.3. Make a recurring appointment
2.4. Reschedule or Cancel Appointments
2.5. Set up appointment rules
2.6. Linking a service to Certain Staff
2.7. Additional Service / Add-Ons
2.8. Service Package
2.9. Email Reminder
2.10. SMS Reminder
3. Booking Page
3.1. Embed to business website
3.2. Login account for customers
3.3. Choosing Staff
3.4. Make a recurring appointment
3.5. Sync to calendar platform
4. Marketing
4.1. Gift Certificate
4.2. Discount coupons
4.3. Special Offers
(ex: Buy one get one)
4.4. Email Marketing
4.5. Membership / Subscriptions
5. Reporting
5.1. Appointments report
5.2. Customers report
5.3. Sales report
5.4. Staff report
6. Integration
6.1. Calendar Platform
6.2. Zapier and Microsoft Flow
6.3. Payment Systems
6.4. API

Reminders & Communication

10to8 has the ability to sends SMS and emails so that clients confirm and remember their appointments. You also be able to customize all clients communications. And the best part of this feature is that the clients be able to request changes, cancellations, reply to reminders, and send personal SMS message straight from the calendar.

Online Booking

10to8 Online Booking Page
10to8 Online Booking Page

10to8 allow clients to book your free slots online. And you can decide when, how and what can be booked, with automatic or manual booking request approval. The software also enables you to take payments with PayPal, Stripe, or SagePay.

If you’re a business associate of an organization that must comply with HIPAA, you should know that 10to8 Scheduling is secure enough for booking such appointments. It’s fully encrypted bank-rate security, compliant with data protection regulation.


.As business owner, you can coordinate multiple staff, calendars, rooms, and locations easily. You are able to write a private note to your staff and track all changes, payments, and history for customers and appointments.


10to8 has the ability to sync 2-way with Google Calendar, Outlook or iCal.


10to8 Dashboard
10to8 Dashboard

10to8 provides a live dashboard that contains your incoming requests and upcoming appointments at risk of a no-show.


The 10to8 booking system integrates with hundreds of other software packages that you may use for your business every day. It can be integrated with more 500+ apps with Zapier and Microsoft Flow. It also can be integrated with most popular accounting systems such as Quickbooks and Xero. Integration with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedln. Online cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. And many more.

Mobile Web App

10to8 offers a mobile web app that you can access by going to 10to8.com on your smartphone or tablet browser. From there, click ‘login’ from the website header, and you’ll land into your account. The app works well on Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices – there is no need to download anything from the app store.

User Experience

I try 10to8 with a free trial that allows users to try all available features. I found that 10to8 has a good and clear web design but it’s not really easy to use.

Create a New Service

“Service” menu is available on the left menu under “Set Up” category. 10to8 let you create a 1-to-1 service or group booking service, but it’s not really easy to use when you want to make a service schedule. You must set up a staff schedule that related to the service through the “Calendar” menu (for group booking service), or through the “Availability” menu (for 1-to-1 service).

In the “Calendar” menu or “Availability” menu, you must set up each staff schedule separately and there is no feature that let you set up working hours at once for all working day. But you can use the “Repeat” function to set regular daily, weekly, or monthly intervals. Surprisingly, if you using the “Repeat” function to set regular daily intervals, the working hours will be applied to all day between the daily intervals even if the staff is not available for it.

Online Booking Page

The biggest drawbacks of online booking page from 10to8 is that the software does not allow your customers to create an account. So when your customers want to book an appointment again, they must fill out the customer’s profile including a customers name, email, and phone number. And for those of you as a business owner, 2 appointments mean 2 different clients, even though both have the same profile. For example, if you have 10 appointments, you will also have 10 clients.

Customer Service & Support

Users can reach the customers support through email or by phone. The software also has an online support page that contains guides, FAQs and a search bar to find the specific information and support you need.


10to8's Pricing
10to8’s Pricing

10to8 has a free plan, and four paid subscription options: Basic ($9.6/month), Grow ($20/month), Bigger Business ($40/month), and Enterprise (customized pricing). The main differences between the plans are the number of appointments per month and number of staff logins.

Pros and Cons


The best part of 10to8 Appointment Software and Booking App is a free option that really helpful for you while starting up a new business. It offers a free plan with access to all features that can be used by businesses with maximum 2 staff.

Another interesting feature is 2-way client chat that allows clients to reach you if they have questions while booking.


Customers can’t request to be added to a waitlist. No Mobile app. It’s difficult for customers to make a recurring booking appointment. There are no marketing features such as Coupon and Gift Certificate. You also not able to add additional service/add-on for each service. 10to8 does not provide a simple way to create a service or staff schedule. And last, this software does not provide a good reporting feature that can help you to track your business growth and metric.


10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software is a good choice for small business because it offers price based on the number of appointment per month and number of staff logins. In our opinion, 10to8 is suitable for service-based businesses such as salon, self-defense instructor, mobile massage, and other similar services.

It is the one of online schedule maker that can be integrated with the most popular accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Xero, or Freshbooks. It also integrates with CRM systems. Having this flexibility with business software solutions is useful for staying current on all aspects of your business.

10to8 Rating

Functionality 80/100
Flexibility 80/100
Usability 85/100
Pricing 90/100
Total Score 84/100

About 10to8

10to8 was founded in Cambridge by four friends. Bruce – a surgeon – wanted his patients to always know where and when they had an appointment, and what extra services his dental practice could offer them.

In expressing his frustrations, the founders uncovered a hidden problem in Bruce’s business, that applied to all businesses like his. That problem was coordination – how and when customers, clients, practitioners, and professionals manage to get together – something the entire world does but does surprisingly badly. A problem, a small group of engineers and entrepreneurs couldn’t resist solving.

Before long, the idea developed into an online communications system which manages appointments, business services and cuts the admin time spent managing bookings…10to8 was born.

With extensive research and the help of some beloved alpha testers across a wide range of services and markets, 10to8 became available to the public in 2014.

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